3 Easy Steps to Migrate to a Mighty Network

If the idea of moving your existing group seems a bit scary, you’re not alone. The good news is that every day people like you are moving their groups to Mighty Networks. And their members are thrilled.

We rounded up inspiring real-world examples — and even some best practices you can steal — that will make migrating your group a breeze.

When we moved our group over, our members immediately saw the value of Mighty because everything is simpler and easier to find. We’re able to organize our best content in ways that makes it easy for people to digest. And now, we no longer have to shoehorn several different products and fit them to our needs.

—Laurence McCahill, The Happy Startup School

Laurence McCahill needed a place to bring his community of entrepreneurs and changemakers together, and he tried a few different options before he found a Mighty Network. When he made the switch, his members rejoiced. They finally had a private, dedicated space where curated content and conversations could live. Even better, his team could expand to offering events, classes, and more—all in one place.

Lucky for you, Laurence detailed the journey of migrating to Mighty. For more inspiration, you can also dive into our interview with Laurence in Mighty Hosts, our own community for folks who are running Mighty Networks.

I built my Mighty Network and moved our group over in less than one week. The whole thing went surprisingly smoothly. Instead of mutiny, my members have expressed only gratitude!

—Melissa Dinwiddie, Creative Sandbox Community

Melissa Dinwiddie was seeking a place to bring her followers together where there were fewer distractions and better ways to organize content and conversations. She pulled the trigger on launching a new Mighty Network and moving her group over within the span of a week—and immediately saw an uptick in engagement.

Read Melissa’s step-by-step process for moving her group over, and get to know her more in Mighty Hosts.

Since we moved to Mighty, the conversations between our members are richer. Engagement is far more meaningful and actually fosters new relationships.

—Naomi Hattaway, I Am A Triangle

Naomi Hattaway knew that her community of 16,000+ expats was rapidly losing value when it was hosted on another platform where members were being marketed opportunities to join other groups and it was impossible to search for people near you or find past conversations. After nixing a costly plan for building out a custom platform, Naomi moved her group to Mighty and didn’t look back.

In her own words, Naomi shared the reasons for moving to Mighty right here. We also checked in with her several months later to find out why her members are grateful to be on Mighty today.

What have all these folks learned in making the move? Here are 3 things to do when you’re ready:

Talk to the people who love you first.

Reach out first to the folks who will follow you no matter where you go. Your closest cheerleaders will help you uncover the right strategy for talking to the people who don’t like change.

Give 10 days notice.

Pick a day for your big launch, and announce it across all the channels you have available to you. Plan to post reminders, and get creative with your messaging. We’ve even seen folks create fun banners announcing the move!

When it’s time to invite everyone over, use the handy Facebook or LinkedIn Migration Link in your Mighty Network to move members in one quick step. If you need some messaging inspiration, check out our favorite invite messaging here, or steal this example.

Close your group.

We’ve learned that taking the extra step to close or archive your group within a few days of your big move will make things much easier for you in the long run. It will also give your members the confidence to trust in your decision.

If you need a little moral support, come join us in our community for folks running Mighty Networks (or Hosts, as we call you!). We also host live sessions 3x a week, where we talk about migrating existing groups and strategies for success. See our next one here.

We’re here for you every step of the way!