Thinking of Bringing Your Community to a Mighty Network? Start Here.

If you're starting with a following, an email list, a course, a website, or a group on another platform, here's the fastest route to understanding a Mighty Network.

First, welcome! It’s great to have you exploring a Mighty Network.  

Whether you’re starting with a following, an email list, a course, a website, or a group on another platform, a Mighty Network is a great way to level up: growing your community into something deeper and adding new revenue streams not possible elsewhere. 

Our most common success stories begin with a creator who:

  • Has an existing following via Instagram, YouTube, or a podcast and wants to launch their own community or a membership site.  
  • Has a Facebook Group and wants to (finally) migrate somewhere new or offer a special “VIP” community or program outside of their Facebook Group. 
  • Runs an online course on one platform and their course community on another that they want to bring together in the same place–all under their brand. 
  • Has a static website and an email list that they realize can be turned into something so much more dynamic and awesome if they shift it into becoming a community.  

If any one of these scenarios describe you, then you are most definitely in the right place!

What’s special about a Mighty Network?

What makes a Mighty Network different from anything else available is the way that it connects your people not just to you and your content, but to each other– all in one place, under your brand, across every platform.  

It means that your community on a Mighty Network gets more valuable to every member with each new person who joins. Not only do you have 100% access to each and every one of your members (unlike <uhem> other platforms), but a Mighty Network is designed to spark connections and conversations between your members, so they build relationships with each other, not just you.  

It’s the same underlying dynamic that defines Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Airbnb.  Only creator-sized–meaning you can apply the same principles to growing your own digital business.

How cool is that?

What’s the best way to explore a Mighty Network?

There are 3 ways to solid ways explore a Mighty Network:

  1. Create a Mighty Network for free. Once you create a Mighty Network on our Free Plan or 14-day free trial of our Business Plan, you’ll get a flurry of great resources, from a video tutorial to a checklist that highlights a bunch of your key features. 
  2. Explore more articles here in our Resource Center. We recommend a number of popular articles specifically designed for people who already have a community that you can read below. 
  3. Join us in Mighty Hosts (or, even better, take our Community Design Masterclass in Hosts).  Mighty Hosts is our very own Mighty Network with great people just like you, more great conversations about all things Mighty, and even our own Mighty Course–the Community Design Masterclass. This Masterclass is a 5-week program that’s already helped over 1,000 Hosts define and launch their own Mighty Network with less time, more confidence, and some truly spectacular results.   

If you want to stay here and explore a number of great articles, sit back and relax. Here are a few of our favorites: 

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Ready to dive in? We can’t wait to get to get to know you.

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