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What Works

A must have combination of community, courses, and your sales funnel all in one place

What you get with The Business Plan


Your members get a high-level overview of everything in Your Mighty Network so they can easily find their way around and meet other members


The activity feed is where members see the most relevant posts and updates happening inside your Mighty Network

Beautiful Profiles

Your people have a beautiful profile designed to prompt messaging with a bio and their activity all in one place


Set up custom topics to organize your main articles as well as activity by your members

Articles & Media

A Mighty Network offers everyone the ability to create beautiful articles with photos, videos, files and other embeds

Polls & Questions

Mighty Brand and Mighty Business unlock three different kinds of interactive, engaging polls and questions


Mighty Brand and Mighty Business plans support events from weekly video conference calls to member meetups


Mighty Brand and Business plans come with the ability to organize unlimited groups directly in your Mighty Network

Member Categories

Your people can find others near them by location as well as custom categories you create for your own Mighty Network

Sales Page

Create rich sales pages with video, images, and text to promote and sell your paid offerings like network membership, groups and courses.

Online Courses

Mighty Business comes with the option to set up and sell unlimited online courses directly in your Mighty Network

Featured Content

Mighty Brand and Mighty Business come with a unique Featured Content section you customize for all members to see

Set Up & Support

The Mighty Launch Checklist will ensure you get the most out of your new Mighty Network quickly

Member Data

Mighty Business gives you full access to your member data because on a Mighty Network your members are yours


Mighty Business comes with rich, detailed content and member analytics so you see everything your people are doing

APIs & Integrations

Mighty Business comes with member and content APIs via Zapier as well as Google Analytics and Facebook Ad tracking


You can set up your Mighty Network with a monthly or annual paywall or by creating bundles of courses and groups

Direct Messaging

Direct messaging and group chat are the heartbeat of your Mighty Network

Meet Martinus Evans

Meet Tara Lee Bennett

Meet Roger Whitney

Martinus Evans runs the Slow AF Run Club, a new Mighty Network for "back of the pack" runners.

Martinus has more than 27k followers on his Instagram account @300poundsandrunning and has been blogging since 2006. With the traction he was seeing on social and the success of his Slow AF merchandise, he knew there was demand for building a true community of his followers. They messaged him about creating a positive and supportive place for them to reach their goals together. But he didn’t know where to start–he kept getting stuck on the tech–until one day he learned about Mighty Networks from a friend at the gym. With his community, membership, courses, payments, and sales funnel all in one place, the business he had wanted for four years seemed absolutely attainable. In August, he opened the doors to the Slow AF Run Club now has a thriving community of paying members.

Tara Lee Bennett runs THRIVE Network, a platform of women, gender non-binary, and gender fluid visual artists.

Being an artist can be lonely, and there’s little guidance on how to make a living from the profession. So in 2015, Tara Lee Bennett and six artist friends began meeting monthly. Eventually their Mastermind grew and they created a private Facebook group for staying connected online between meetings. But they quickly realized that it wasn’t the right solution for their network–the search function wasn’t helpful for retrieving resources and conversations, members got easily distracted, and it didn’t feel professional. In January, 2017, the THRIVE Network of women, gender non-binary, and gender fluid visual artists moved to Mighty Networks, charging $25 for monthly membership, plus $125 a month for their mastermind program. Today they have more than 300 members and Tara loves being able to serve her community. “As artists, it’s really important to be connected to a larger network. The more people that you have to ask questions or to offer support, the better it is for everybody.

Roger Whitney is the host of The Retirement Answer Guy, a podcast that’s grown to 100,000 listeners and helped build up his financial advisory business.

Little did he know when he started, it turns out that people wanted to do more than just listen to him talk. For the past few years, he got requests from listeners to create a private group where they could go deeper with him and each other on the topics surrounding retirement in a safe, supportive environment that Roger could uniquely make happen–he had the audience, he had the expertise, and he had the brand. Finally, last Fall Roger was ready to move forward. Lucky for us (and him!), he found Mighty Networks. After a quick setup, he launched the Rock Retirement Club, and he’s generating over $105K in new premium subscriptions in less than a year. Roger tells us, “to say that this has been a pleasant surprise would be underselling it.

Ratings & Reviews

4.7 out of 53.8K Ratings

Thoughtful and engaging

Gina and her team are constantly improving this app as they continue to pursue meaningful solutions to the question “How can we better connect people to each other?” I run my network on this platform and love the polls for engagement, the ability for people to “meet” others near them, the host features that provide great data and the beautiful layout. Such thoughtful development!

Beats Facebook Groups!

After running a large community on Facebook for those living abroad for four years, I found myself frustrated by the lack of support for admins and moderators. Mighty Networks has solved that by not only having amazing support and a fab tech team but by also going several steps above and beyond to allow community members better control over their feed and information that matters to them as well as opportunities to seek out new relationships with other members. Bravo. A really happy admin here!

Amazing experience!

I created my own Mighty Network and am also a member of several others. I love staying connected with all of them easily and in one app on my phone. I can move between networks, ask questions, make posts and keep up with the friends I’ve made around our shared interests. Mighty Networks are the greatest and get my highest endorsement!

Community design masterclass

It's not just amazing software, we also offer the instruction manual

With our Community Design Masterclass, you’ll learn the simple principles of Community Design and create a community so valuable you can charge for it, and so well-designed it essentially runs itself.

What our Hosts have to say about Community Design

“We all have the power to start a community, with cutting edge technology at our fingertips. But realizing a thriving community needs a clear purpose and a structured approach. Community Design provides just that. It is the starting point for any Host.”
Gert Jan Huisink - 1 OCEAN
“Mighty Networks sounded too good to be true. Until I took Community Design and bought Mighty Business. WOW! It’s one of the best business decisions I’ve made. It has already paid for itself in the FIRST MONTH OF MEMBERSHIP SALES and I can’t wait to launch my premium programs next!”
Martinus Evans - Slow AF Run Club
“This is such a great process, thank you Gina and everyone at Mighty Networks for guiding us! I’ve been at this process of development and strategizing for about 6 months with my community and it was only with this course that things fell into place for me with a sense of clarity!!!”
-Sarah Lipton