Community Design Masterclass

"The course has been a game changer."

Martinus Evans launched a $140,000 subscription business.

Sarah Bowman has grown a thriving community to 200,000 members.

Lenéa Sims launched to 500 members in 72 hours.

Your Instructor

Gina Bianchini has built not 1 but 2 successful community and digital subscription software platforms to scale.

First, as the CEO & co-founder of Ning and today leading the team at Mighty Networks.

She’s had a front row seat to what works and what doesn’t in creating and growing successful communities, online courses, and memberships.

She’ll share the simplest, easiest ways to build your own community, course, or subscription people will pay for.

The promise of the Community Design Masterclass

Over 5 weeks, you’ll learn how to create a community so valuable you can charge for it, and so well-designed it essentially runs itself.

What you’ll learn

  • Week 1: The Principles of Community Design
  • Week 2: The Year in the Life (of Your Community)
  • Week 3: Your Weekly Calendar and Daily Actions
  • Week 4: Pricing, Structuring, and Running Courses
  • Week 5: Launch and Grow Your Community

You can participate live or at your own pace. You’ll gain access to office hours, interviews with people who’ve built successful communities, and helpful templates.

Almost 5,000 people have taken this Masterclass and have launched thousands of thriving communities.

This is the FINAL session of the Community Design Masterclass.

Find the inspiration and insights you need to get started

After taking this course, I had a major breakthrough: I gained the courage to start charging for my existing community! For the first time, I feel totally solid.
- Margaret
Y'all, I have tears running down my face because this is so confirming and exactly the platform I have needed.
- Carrie
Having done the last class, I can confirm from experience, THIS PROCESS WORKS!!!
- Alexander
I think this is the first course I've ever taken where it feels like the mentors are 100% committed to helping me succeed and not just to helping me learn the material.
- John D.
Thanks so much for this AWESOME course. Totally worth every penny!
- Liz N.
Loved the Big Purpose! It made me really think about what & why I'm creating the network
- Curtis S.
This group cheer reponse and the FEELINGS it's evoking within me is illustrating the power of what we can co-create with a virtual community. Thank you.
- Lisa G.

Get a sneak peek and decide if the Community Design Masterclass is right for you

In this 30 minute video from a live bonus session, you’ll meet Gina and hear her explain why now is the perfect time for your community.

Frequently asked questions

What will I get in the Community Design Masterclass?

In this five week course, you’ll learn:

  • The ONLY THING you need to have in order to charge for membership.
  • The fastest, easiest way to create and charge for an online course.
  • The most effective ways to structure and price your Mighty Network.
  • How your Mighty Network works to make it all possible.

The Community Design Masterclass is perfect for you if you’re looking to take your brand or business to the next level or starting from scratch. We’ll give you proven, successful strategies no matter where you’re starting.

How does the Community Design Masterclass work?
  • Tuesday topic sessions. Each Tuesday at 9am PT, we’ll introduce the topic and challenge for the week.
  • Thursday office hours. To answer questions and workshop your specific community, mission, and structure, there are 2 hours of weekly office hours via Zoom at 9am PT and again at 4pm PT on Thursdays.
  • Host interviews. Recorded Host interviews with other successful Mighty Hosts will drop by 9am PT on Wednesday and Friday mornings. We also schedule live Host interviews throughout the course based on the availability of the person. You’ll be invited to these as well.
  • Templates and other resources. For any of the weekly topic sessions, you’ll also get access to a whole library of specific, step-by-step templates to make each piece of Community Design even easier.
  • 24/7 access to the Masterclass. Lastly, all of these great resources are organized in our own Mighty Network course. This is also where you can post your questions and weekly challenges with rich support from Gina, Audra, Marny, and our team.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Week 1: The Principles of Community Design and Your Big Purpose
  • Week 2: The Year in the Life (of Your Community) and Monthly Themes
  • Week 3: Your Weekly Calendar and Daily Actions
  • Week 4: Pricing, Structuring, and Running Courses in Your Community
  • Week 5: Launch and Grow Your Community


How much does the Community Design Masterclass cost?

We want to make the Community Design Masterclass as accessible as possible. That being said, one of the things that you’ll learn in Community Design is that people pay attention to what they pay for. And we very much want you to get the most out of this course!

The price of the Community Design Masterclass is $349. When you’re on our The Community Plan, you’ll get it for $149, and on The Business Plan, you’ll get the Masterclass for just $99.

To get these discounts, make sure you upgrade and write into Host Help to get the discount link to purchase.

Can I read about successful Community Design Masterclass graduates?

Absolutely! Impressed by Martinus, Sarah, and Taylor’s results at the top pf the page? You can dig deeper into their stories here, along with many other graduates. From non-profits to financial coaches, from music teachers to cake pops (yes, cake pops) — these case studies are a great source of inspiration and practical tactics for creators of every background.


The Community Design Masterclass is here to show you how.

Looking forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals!