Create a dynamic website with community and subscriptions

What you get with The Community Plan


Your members get a high-level overview of everything in Your Mighty Network so they can easily find their way around and meet other members


The activity feed is where members see the most relevant posts and updates happening inside your Mighty Network

Beautiful Profiles

Your people have a beautiful profile designed to prompt messaging with a bio and their activity all in one place


Set up custom topics to organize your main articles as well as activity by your members

Articles & Media

A Mighty Network offers everyone the ability to create beautiful articles with photos, videos, files and other embeds

Polls & Questions

Mighty Brand and Mighty Business unlock three different kinds of interactive, engaging polls and questions


Mighty Brand and Mighty Business plans support events from weekly video conference calls to member meetups


Mighty Brand and Business plans come with the ability to organize unlimited groups directly in your Mighty Network

Direct Messaging

Direct messaging and group chat are the heartbeat of your Mighty Network
“I love the way my Mighty Network lets me create sub-groups around specific interests inside my community. Plus, with the ability to use a custom domain, it really feels like my space and my brand.”
Julie Harmon

Ratings & Reviews

4.7 out of 53.8K Ratings

The best!

I’m the host of two Mighty Networks and I absolutely love the product! The features allow users to easily post questions, polls, and articles. I’ve gotten so much out of my networks and I encourage everyone to give it a try!

I love Mighty Networks!

The app makes it possible for my customers to keep up with their small business network on the go. Plus, the MN team has their fingers on the pulse of exactly what digital business owners need to create profitable communities. Highly recommend.

So fast, so easy to reply!

I use this app everyday to manage my community and online courses. It’s my secret weapon in being hyper responsive to my members. I love it!

Community design masterclass

It's not just amazing software, we also offer the instruction manual

With our Community Design Masterclass, you’ll learn the simple principles of Community Design and create a community so valuable you can charge for it, and so well-designed it essentially runs itself.

What our Hosts have to say about Community Design

“We all have the power to start a community, with cutting edge technology at our fingertips. But realizing a thriving community needs a clear purpose and a structured approach. Community Design provides just that. It is the starting point for any Host.”
Gert Jan Huisink - 1 OCEAN
“Mighty Networks sounded too good to be true. Until I took Community Design and bought Mighty Business. WOW! It’s one of the best business decisions I’ve made. It has already paid for itself in the FIRST MONTH OF MEMBERSHIP SALES and I can’t wait to launch my premium programs next!”
Martinus Evans - Slow AF Run Club
“This is such a great process, thank you Gina and everyone at Mighty Networks for guiding us! I’ve been at this process of development and strategizing for about 6 months with my community and it was only with this course that things fell into place for me with a sense of clarity!!!”
-Sarah Lipton