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Launch a beautiful website to promote your work and connect your fans to each other

Connect Your Readers

Introduce your readers to each other by location, categories, and topics they'll find interesting

Launch Courses

Set up online courses to share your expertise...and create another revenue stream

Get Paid

Set up a membership option for your fans with transaction fees as low as 2%

Offer Early Access

Offer fans early or exclusive access to your work

Drive Pre-Sales

Use events and gated content to drive critical pre-sales

See Everything

Tap granular analytics to understand your readers

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What would happen if you brought your readers together?

Create a beautiful community all your own for free. Bring your readers together to meet you and each other in support of your writing.

Create a beautiful community dedicated to your work

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How to launch your membership community

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Everything you need to launch a beautiful membership community where you can bring your fans together and start getting paid.

Why Writers love Mighty Networks

New York Times bestselling author and popular podcaster Gretchen Rubin (The Happiness ProjectHappier Podcast) created a membership community to support the launch of her most recent book, The Four Tendencies.

Thousands of her fans and readers come together daily to meet, discuss trending topics, and access exclusive pre-order bonus videos that were only offered through her community.

See how Writers are using Mighty Networks

Entrepreneur, blogger, and author Eric Ries created a community for Kickstarter backers and readers who supported the launch of his new book, The Leader’s Guide.

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Jenn Giles Kemper launched a membership community for fans and readers of her series of spiritually-themed planners and journals.

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When Jodie Benveniste was writing her book on Intuitive Parenting, she invited her readers into a community to get early feedback and share exclusive excerpts.

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Have questions? We’ve got answers.

As a Writer, how exactly do I get paid?

You can offer member subscriptions to your Mighty Network for your readers on our free Creator Plan. Read more about member subscriptions here.

Is a Mighty Network really free?

Absolutely! Our Creator plan is completely free, and you don’t need to enter any credit card details or sign a contract.

What types of content or media can I share in my community?

Anything that you want! You can create rich articles with threaded commenting. You can also upload any type of file or embed video from YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook.

How many readers can join my Mighty Network?

As many as you want! Every Mighty Network supports an unlimited number of fans in your community, and we don’t charge per-member fees like other services.

How do I give my readers early access?

It’s easy. Just set up membership plans so your biggest fans can buy subscriptions to your Mighty Network and get early access to exclusive content.

What are your transaction fees?

We take a small transaction fee (as low as 2%!) on each member subscription before credit card processing or fees charged by Apple.

Do I need a separate web host for my membership site?

Nope! Every Mighty Network includes secure hosting and 10GB of storage for free.

Do I need to know a programming language to create a community?

Not at all! You can get your Mighty Network set up in minutes with our easy-to-use tools. No coding required.