Just Exploring? Great. Here’s a Couple of Things You May Like

We've got you covered if you are still early in your exploration of creating or moving a community, let alone why you should use a Mighty Network. Here are a few things to explore first.

Intrigued by the idea of creating your own community or online course? Then you’ve come to the right place!

How would I use a Mighty Network?

A Mighty Network brings a community, online courses, a sales funnel, and payments together in one place all under a creator’s own brand, and is available on every platform–iOS, Android, and your own desktop and mobile web apps. 

It means that you can start your own online business, launch your own online courses, or offer even your own membership site with events, profiles, messaging, and your own Activity Feed for every member.

It’s the easiest way to get started building a brand that brings people together and offers something totally unique in the market. 

What’s special about a Mighty Network?

What makes a Mighty Network different from anything else available is the way that it connects your people not just to you and your content, but to each other– all in one place, under your brand, across every platform.  

It means that your community on a Mighty Network gets more valuable to every member with each new person who joins. Not only do you have 100% access to each and every one of your members (unlike <uhem> other platforms), but a Mighty Network is designed to spark connections and conversations between your members, so they build relationships with each other, not just you.  

It’s the same underlying dynamic that defines Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Airbnb.  Only creator-sized, meaning you can apply the same principles to growing your own digital business. 

How cool is that?

What should I explore first?

  1. Check out some of the articles here in the Resource Center. They are designed for exploring, especially if you’re not quite ready to get started. A few of our most popular ones are below.
  2. Create a Mighty Network for free. Once you create a Mighty Network on our Free Plan, you’ll get access to a ton of great resources, from a video tutorial to a checklist that highlights a bunch of your key features. It’s a great set of things to explore, even if you’re not quite ready to jump in. 
  3. Join us for Community Design. If you’re feeling particularly  ambitious today and you’ve made it through the articles above, join us for our next Community Design Masterclass.  We run it in Mighty Hosts, our Mighty Network for people who are exploring, creating, launching, and growing their own Mighty Networks. It’s a proven program that will give you everything you need to create a community so valuable you can charge for it, and so well-designed that it essentially runs itself. 

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