The Features in Mighty Business

The features in Mighty Business are designed to empower creators and delight their members.

Everything is in One Place

We designed the Mighty Networks platform specifically for creators with a purpose. People just like you are creating brands and businesses that use community to inspire, educate, and connect those they serve. We built features that enable them to do these things easily and powerfully, all in one place.

Mighty Business is our plan that brings together groups, courses, and integrations for creators to grow a brand that brings people together. Here’s a detailed look at those features, along with all the other goodness that you get with Mighty Business.

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Features For Your Members

Unlimited Groups

Mighty Business comes with the ability to organize unlimited online groups or local chapters directly in your Mighty Network. Groups can have their own branding, features, privacy settings, topics, articles, polls, questions, and events. As the Mighty Network Host, you decide whether you want to call them groups, chapters, circles, teams or your own custom name that you choose.

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Fun Ways to Meet Other Members

With Mighty Business, you can customize your own “member categories” so that people can quickly find the most relevant members to meet. Members can also see which members are located nearby, and who follows the same topics they do. They can then explore member profiles to decide who to connect with.

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Beautiful and Useful Profiles

With Mighty Business, members can prompt relevant connections and direct messaging by creating a profile that includes a bio, links, headshot, and background image. Plus all of their activity is organized in one place, including upcoming events they’re attending, topics they follow, and their publicly-visible groups and courses. Members can also follow each other’s posts and activity.

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Private Direct Messaging

Mighty Business combines courses and groups with messaging and chat. So however your members meet in your Mighty Network, they can quickly strike up a one-to-one conversation, with context and member profiles easily accessible.

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Events and RSVPs

From weekly video conference calls, to live chats, to in-person member meetups, Mighty Business supports events for your entire Mighty Network or a specific Group. Members can RSVP, add comments, and export the event to their calendar. Mighty Network Hosts can message members based on their RSVP status, and any member who RSVPs “yes” or “maybe” receives an event reminder.

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Features For Your Content

Unlimited Online Courses

Mighty Business offers unlimited online courses. That means your community, content, and subscriptions can live under your brand in one place across platforms. Each course features an activity feed and the course materials organized by sections and lessons. Embed photos, links, files, and videos throughout your course to make it even more engaging.

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Topics Organize Content and More

With Mighty Business, you can organize articles, questions, polls, and events into categories. Each topic can have its own branding and description, and you can reorder topics so they are displayed in a particular order in the topics area of your Mighty Network.

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Beautiful Rich Media Articles

Mighty Business offers a rich content editor to create beautiful articles. Include photos and file attachments, embed videos and audio embeds, and more. You can add your finished article to a topic or to your featured section, choose whether to notify members about it, and even schedule it to appear at a specific time.

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Interactive Polls and Questions

Two of the most effective ways to start conversations are through questions and polls, which come included with Mighty Business. Questions and polls tagged with a specific topic will show up within that topic and appear in the feed of members following that topic.

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Features For Integration

APIs and Analytics

Mighty Business offers member and content APIs via Zapier, as well as Google Analytics and Facebook Ad monitoring. With the Zapier Integration set up, you can connect your Mighty Network to the other web applications you use to run your business or manage your community—making it a whole lot easier to keep track of members or manage content.

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Taken together, the features of Mighty Business pack extraordinary value for $98/month, or $81/month when you choose our annual plan. For creators who want to bring people together, Mighty Business offers the right mix of tools and resources to power experiential commerce brands and businesses.

Curious how we decided to bring this set of features together? Read why we created Mighty Business.