How It Works

A Mighty Network is a totally new way to build a community-powered business. It's the only way to bring together a community, your online courses, and so much more–all in one place, all under your brand, available on every platform.

Welcome! We’re excited that you’ve chosen to explore a Mighty Network. Here are the most popular ways to use a Mighty Network today:

  1. To move an existing community 
  2. To bring together your online courses and community in one place
  3. To launch a dynamic website built around a community
  4. To launch your own brand on every platform 

The best way to see if a Mighty Network is right for you is to watch this quick video tour:

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What makes a Mighty Network different?

A Mighty Network is the only software available that offers a beautiful, rich community platform where you can also pull together your own online courses, sub-groups, and sales funnel–all under your brand, available across every device–iOS, Android, and web. 

This means that if you’ve got a static website on one platform, online courses on another, a community on a third, your sales funnel on a fourth, and payments on a fifth, you can now replace one or more of these pieces with a single Mighty Network. 

But a Mighty Network isn’t just for someone with an existing online business. 

Choosing a Mighty Network when you are starting out means you’ll never need another platform to expand and grow. Plus:

  • You have 100% access to message and reach all of your members at any time. 
  • It’s 100% ad-free.
  • It’s mobile-first. 
  • You can make your Mighty Network private, public, secret, or paid.

What’s included in a community on a Mighty Network?

A Mighty Network includes all the online community features you’d expect: content and a dynamic activity feed; member profiles; conversations and comments; sharing to social media; topics and articles; polls, questions, and posts; events; direct messaging between members; and more. 

Plus, a Mighty Network also includes new, innovative community features that speed up the time it takes for your members to meet and build relationships not just with you but with each other:

  • An icebreaker question surfaced to every new member
  • Members near you via current location
  • Members like you via member categories
  • Members online now
  • Members in the same sub-groups
  • Members in the same online courses

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How do online courses work in a Mighty Network?

If you’ve ever dreamed of bringing your online courses and the community together in a single platform under your brand, then you’re going to love a Mighty Network.

With a Mighty Network, your online courses live within the overall community (like one or more rooms in a house, where your online courses are the rooms and your Mighty Network is the house) and–wait for it–every online course has its own community as well. 

This means you don’t have to set up a separate group for every online course that you teach. 

On a Mighty Network, the course community is built right into the course–getting dramatically better results for your students while saving you time and energy. 

And we’re not done. 

You can also sell any individual online course within your Mighty Network–or a bundle of online courses or paid groups–with a beautiful sales page and payment flow (using Stripe as our third-party payment provider).

This means you can bring your online courses, community, sales funnel, and payments together in one place under your brand available on every platform–only on a Mighty Network. 

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Can I use a Mighty Network for my website?

Absolutely. You can add a Mighty Network to an existing website or make a Mighty Network your primary one (plus, it’s a website builder that also comes with access to beautiful, engaging native mobile apps as well. No one else can say that). 

If you envision your community as the heart and soul of your brand or business (and you’re okay with fewer design options you’d get with a static website builder), making your Mighty Network your primary website is a fantastic decision. 

Can I charge for memberships or online courses on my Mighty Network? 

Yes. You can choose to add an one-time, annual, or monthly subscription to your main Mighty Network. But the options to charge don’t stop there. The most popular ways to charge for a Mighty Network are:

  1. To create a free Mighty Network and charge for one or more online courses within it. 
  2. To create a free Mighty Network and charge for one or more paid “mastermind” groups within it. 
  3. To create a paid Mighty Network and charge for one or more paid online courses and groups within it. 

Paid groups also serve as the way to do “membership levels” on a Mighty Network. Learn more about your different options for charging

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How much does it cost to create and run a Mighty Network?

There is a wide range of options for creating and growing a Mighty Network. It’s free to run a simple community you can make private, public, secret, or paid with members, posts, articles, topics, and direct messaging. Our free plan is called The Creator Plan and you can start right now

The Community Plan

To have your own community with sub-groups, events, polls, questions, and your own custom domain name, you’re going to want to upgrade to The Community Plan at $28/month, or the same price you’d spent on a static website (and lacks all the fantastic ways a Mighty Network grows members and keeps them coming back). 

The Community Plan is also where you can run a Mighty Network with paid “mastermind” groups within it. Now, instead of having separate groups you have to manage on other platforms, you can bring your groups together in one place. 

The Business Plan

To have your online courses and community together, or simply access 1,500+ external integrations, download a member list, or dive into premium analytics, you are going to want to choose The Business Plan, which at $98/month is both our best value and most popular plan. We offer a free 14-day trial of The Business Plan, so that you can create your first course, invite a co-host, and explore the integrations that are right for you. 

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Mighty Pro

Now, here’s where the options you have on a Mighty Network get pretty amazing. 

Where it normally costs hundreds of thousands of dollars in custom development to get your community, online courses, and sales funnel on your own native iOS, iPad, Android, and web apps, with Mighty Pro, it’s one simple package that gets you your own apps in less than three weeks. 

With Mighty Pro, it’s your brand on every platform. You can have your own apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, so that you can grow faster and charge a premium price for whatever you choose to offer. 

Learn About Mighty Pro

How do I get members to my Mighty Network? 

On a Mighty Network, you have complete control over who sees your community and who can join (there are also easy features for preventing spam, reporting abuse, and removing members). 

Whether you are starting from scratch with no email list or have a social media following you’re ready to turn into its own community or series of programs under your brand on your own web and native mobile apps, a Mighty Network is there for you.

Each Mighty Network has a powerful invitation system (with follow up reminders you don’t have to manage) as well as sharing features to get the word out about your new or upgraded community. And if you’re moving an existing community from a Facebook or LinkedIn Group, there’s even a special link to streamline the signup flow.  

How hard is it to learn a Mighty Network?

While there are many great features to explore and discover over time within a Mighty Network, getting started is a breeze. You can be up and running and invite a Co-Host for free in just a few minutes. 

Plus, with the Mighty Checklist, we’ve already created drafts of a welcome article, a “why” article, and member guidelines, as well as a great “icebreaker question,” your first poll, and more.  

We also offer a fantastic Community Design Masterclass that’s getting great results for people who want a faster ramp up on a Mighty Network. It’s a proven five-part program that will show you how to create a community so valuable you can charge for it, and so well-designed it essentially runs itself. 

Ready to get started? 

With the basics now behind us, your next step is to create your Mighty Network!  

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