How Online Courses Work on a Mighty Network

Ready to bring your online courses and community together in one place? Not exactly sure you can visualize it? We've got you covered.

Ready to SEE exactly how you’d set up an online course in a Mighty Network?

Then, this is the tutorial for you. 👇👑

Especially if you are used to running your online courses on one platform, your course community on Facebook, and your sales pages and payments on yet another platform, it may be a little hard to picture what it means to bring together in one place an online course with:

  • Structured course content (and completion tracking)
  • A course-specific community built right in
  • The option to take payments
  • A dynamic sales landing page for your course OR bundles of courses and memberships

This tutorial shows you both what your members will see when they join your Mighty Course and how you set courses up as a Host. Enjoy!