Director of Customer Advocacy

Background and Context

Mighty Networks is a software-as-a-service platform for creators and small and medium businesses to build and offer digital products and services, including memberships, online courses, and community–all in one place, all under their brand, and instantly available on the web, iOS, and Android.

Our customer base is growing rapidly as we become an essential “system-of-record” for our customers running their digital offering on a Mighty Network.

We believe customer support, service, and advocacy–especially during hypergrowth–will be one of the cornerstones that differentiate our brand, especially as more creators learn and experiment their way into successful online course and subscription businesses (like the many success stories we showcase in our Stories of Awesome).

As a result, we’re now hiring for a Director of Customer Advocacy to oversee our small but mighty Customer Advocacy team from here, initially as a “player-coach” and then leader committed to efficiently scaling up a positive, frontline impact as we continue to grow.


  • Play a key role in defining, scaling, and driving the impact of Customer Advocacy at Mighty Networks.
    • Ensure that customer support, service, and advocacy remains one of our competitive differentiators at Mighty Networks, especially as we experience hypergrowth.
    • Continually look for customer-facing solutions that enable us to work smarter and more efficiently as a team and a company.
    • Capture, structure, and coordinate our customer communication channels to minimize redundancy and maximize speed-to-solutions.
    • Oversee the Customer Advocacy infrastructure, continually pushing towards best practices and cutting edge response technology to increase responsiveness, successfully solving our customers’ challenges, and getting people to the right answers when they need them.
  • Lead the team of dedicated, high potential Customer Advocates in delivering clear, highly responsive strategic and tactical responses to our customers, ideally with enthusiasm and personality in the process.
    • Find ways to inspire, motivate, and offer a sense of accomplishment and progress for each member of the team, especially in the context of high volume incoming traffic.
    • Tap metrics, recognition, and new, creative reward systems to level up the quality and speed of our team and response system as a whole.
    • Drive recruiting and team growth after doing everything else that we can to maximize the effectiveness of each Customer Advocate in a high intensity, yet sustainable schedule and role.
  • Serve as the “voice of the customer” to the rest of the company, taking the opportunity to clearly advocate for our customers “upstream” with product and engineering.
    • If we can fix an issue at the root or make product improvements that will dramatically reduce support ticket volume and team time, we want to do it.
    • This role will be the direct line of communication from our customers via transparent metrics and qualitative assessment back to our executive team and the rest of the company. Strong communication, advocacy, and creative problem solving will be essential.
    • Participate in daily standups, triage meetings, and planning to ensure that we’re prioritizing the projects that will not just make our customers “happy” but more successful with less work from our team.
    • Oversee the dashboards and success metrics coming out of Customer Advocacy that will ensure that we are carefully monitoring overall satisfaction and opportunities for improvement.

Ideal Candidate Profile

  • Direct experience with managing a small (and growing) Customer Advocacy team in hypergrowth with best practices and non-obvious learnings to prove it.
  • Familiarity with digital small business owners and creators. You deeply understand and can empathize with their goals, ideas, business objectives, and challenges and thrive seeking to solve their unique challenges.
  • Excited about the fundamental mission of making Customer Advocacy a highly efficient effort that creatively differentiates Mighty Networks from other platforms and services.
  • By practice or personality, constantly looks for ways to work smarter, not just harder. Not afraid to try something new or get creative, especially as the “owner” of the function within Mighty Networks.
  • Understands how to get the most out of Intercom and/or Zendesk and/or new software now available we should be using.
  • Knows how to motivate a team under intense conditions–striking the right balance between mission, meaning, output, and humanity.
  • Comfortable advocating for customers with the rest of the company. Clear in your communication and are capable of stepping back to offer high leverage, strategic insights for improving the system as a whole.

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