Director of Growth

Company Overview

Mighty Networks is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform ushering in a new era of creative business built on community. Its SaaS platform serves brands and creators “with a purpose” who want to bring their content, community, online courses, and events together in one place so that our members can master something interesting or important to them. 

Similar to a Shopify store, with a Mighty Network, a brand or creator has their own online destination with their choice of features and the ability to charge for digital subscriptions and products under their own brand and instantly available on their own website and native mobile apps. 

The Opportunity

The Director of Growth is a product leader responsible for the in-product growth efforts of Mighty Networks. This person will work directly for our SVP of Product and collaborate closely with the executive team to shape the strategy, systems, metrics, and processes to translate the company’s current hypergrowth into a category defining company over the next three years and beyond. 

We’re seeking a growth leader with a proven track record in unlocking consumer viral growth and applying this expertise to a unique opportunity at Mighty Networks. This person possesses an exceptional analytical mind and the right level of creativity for building a successful growth engine that quickly gets both Hosts and their members to their “a-ha” moment with the power and potential of a Mighty Network. 


Design, build, and expand the growth engine for Mighty Networks

  • Seize responsibility for the growth of both Hosts and members across Mighty Networks. This includes people joining free Mighty Networks as well as paying for online courses and memberships. 
  • Look holistically at all in-product growth levers – from invitations, referrals, and sharing to in-product marketing funnels, search engine optimization, and content marketing – and optimize for the biggest bets with maximum speed and learning. 
  • Play a key role in structuring and delivering successful growth experiments to both grow the number of new Hosts on Mighty Networks, as well as overseeing the success of Hosts growing their own memberships.  
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest referral dynamics as well as paid subscription conversion flows to ensure both are incorporated into how each Mighty Network makes growth as easy as possible for Hosts who are starting from scratch to those leveling up their communities, courses, and businesses. 
  • Contribute to accelerating the natural “flywheel” the company enjoys. Today, Hosts invite members and a subset of those members choose to create their own Mighty Network – generating more high intent Hosts organically from within the platform. 

Qualifications & Experience

  • Direct experience playing a key role on a product team responsible for viral consumer product growth. Products monetized through paid courses or  subscriptions are a bonus.
  • Exceptional analytical skills and creative product thinking that span invitations and referrals to the conversion funnel.   
  • Passionate about unlocking intrinsic motivation for taking actions and creating amazing experiences for people. 
  • Comfortable leading a cross-functional growth team to higher and higher levels of growth. 
  • Can point to specific experiments and product decisions that resulted in failure and success, providing context and their learnings for both.

Personal Characteristics

  • You want to play a key role in building a category king with deep curiosity, passion, and focus. 
  • You inspire and challenge yourself and those around you to think bigger, take risks, and try new things.  
  • You have worked hard to communicate clearly and hold everyone around you to the same standards. 
  • You are low ego and pride yourself on accomplishing a lot by working smarter, not necessarily harder. 
  • You are comfortable in rooms with strong personalities, and can rally a team to achieve things they didn’t think were possible.

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