With Mighty Business, I have more time to do what I love

Tara McMullin
What Works Network

Creators just like you are building businesses that bring people together

But today managing these services is a bit of a mess


Is this you?

That’s why we created Mighty Business

  • Features For Your Members
    • Unique Member Categories
      Your people can find others near them by location as well as custom categories you create for your own Mighty Network
    • Beautiful Profiles
      Your people have a beautiful profile designed to prompt messaging with a bio and their activity all in one place
    • Direct Messaging
      Direct messaging and group chat are the heartbeat of your Mighty Network
    • Unlimited Events
      Mighty Brand and Mighty Business plans support events from weekly video conference calls to member meetups
    • Unlimited Groups
      Mighty Brand and Business plans come with the ability to organize unlimited groups directly in your Mighty Network
  • Features For Your Content & Courses
    • Topics
      Set up custom topics to organize your main articles as well as activity by your members
    • Unlimited Courses
      Mighty Business comes with the option to set up and sell unlimited online courses directly in your Mighty Network
    • Articles & Media
      A Mighty Network offers everyone the ability to create beautiful articles with photos, videos, files and other embeds
    • Polls & Questions
      Mighty Brand and Mighty Business unlock three different kinds of interactive, engaging polls and questions
    • Featured Content
      Mighty Brand and Mighty Business come with a unique Featured Content section you customize for all members to see
  • Features For Your Business
    • Easy Set Up & Support
      The Mighty Launch Checklist will ensure you get the most out of your new Mighty Network quickly
    • APIs & Integrations
      Mighty Business comes with member and content APIs via Zapier as well as Google Analytics and Facebook Ad tracking
    • Subscription Commerce
      You can set up your Mighty Network with a monthly or annual paywall or by creating bundles of courses and groups
    • Analytics
      Mighty Business comes with rich, detailed content and member analytics so you see everything your people are doing
    • Member Data Download
      Mighty Business gives you full access to your member data because on a Mighty Network your members are yours

Mighty Business brings together your community, content, events, online courses and subscription commerce in one place.

Mighty Business opens a world of new, easier ways to make a living doing what you love

Creators just like you are meeting growing demand by their followers by selling digital services that include:


Community & Memberships

Online Courses & Payments

Let’s take a simple example of what it means to sell memberships or courses:

  • 60 people x $1,000/year
  • 600 people x $100/year
  • 6,000 people x $10/year

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