Get Inspired with 30 Examples of Mighty Networks

There are tens of thousands of thriving Mighty Networks added every month. For some inspiration, you've come to the right place.

Still a bit unsure how to translate your story, skills, or passion into a thriving community? You know you want to put a community at the core of your business, but aren’t exactly sure how to it into a community that people will love? You want to see some of the most popular and interesting Mighty Networks starting up today? 

Well, then read on. Not only are we going to give you 30 great examples of Mighty Networks, we’re sharing a few tips and tricks to help you pick the one that you were meant to create.

What makes a community successful in 2019?

Glad you asked. The most successful communities understand that people are motivated to join a community for:

  • The joy of being a part of something bigger than yourself
  • The joy of working towards a common goal
  • The joy of building skills and getting better
  • The permission to be vulnerable and navigate challenges together

Taken together, the power of your community comes from people mastering something interesting together.

How do you get there? We have three tips.

Tip #1: Get specific

Picture your ideal member pulling out their phone and scrolling through their Instagram feed. They might give any single post 2-3 seconds max of their attention. 

What’s going to jump out at them? When they feel like they’re seeing something that speaks DIRECTLY to them. 

Here’s what we mean:

  1. I bring together inventory managers at veterinary practices across the U.S.
  2. I bring together women entrepreneurs in agriculture (ranching, farming, etc.) 
  3. I bring together slow “back of the pack” runners training for their first marathon 
  4. I bring together dog trainers who want to learn positive training techniques 
  5. I bring together young christian feminists navigating our faith in modern times
  6. I bring together cybersecurity marketers navigating a dynamic marketplace
  7. I bring together modern jewish scholars in a global, virtual yeshiva 
  8. I bring together expats in our twenties living abroad in Europe for the first time
  9. I bring together environmental and structural engineers at the beginning of our careers
  10. I bring together senior engineer leaders whose next career move is to become a Chief Technology Officer

As you can see, there are a few different ways to get specific in who you serve. Here are three suggestions for your own community: 

Suggestion #1: If you’re creating a professional or career-focused community, be specific about the stage you’ll bring together first (hint: start with the up-and-comers). For example, people at the mid-point or end of their careers may not have a ton of motivation to join a new community (“I already know everyone” or “what am I going to get out of this?”), but the next generation of sustainability engineers, financial analysts, or inventory managers are HIGHLY motivated to start making connections and master their newly chosen career together.  

Then, once you have the up-and-coming professionals active in a community, you can use them to invite the senior folks. Now you’ve made it about the legacy of those senior folks and if they happen to meet each other and build new relationships in the process, well, you knew that would happen all along. 😉

Suggestion #2: Even if you KNOW your purpose, program, course, or community will work for everybody, still pick ONE NARROW group. Then expand out to other adjacent groups. This is the single biggest mistake we see people make in starting a community. Here’s the thing: even if your methodology or program will be great for absolutely everyone, if you start with everybody, no one will join you. 

It’s much better to use your own story, your own identity or context, or your own experiences to pick an ideal member who will be able to most quickly relate to you. Then, launch to them and expand from there. 

Suggestion #3: The more you let your own story or cultural context guide you, the faster your people will be able to find you–even if you’re starting without an audience, email list, or social following. 🙌 If you don’t have an email list or social following, that doesn’t mean you’re starting with nothing. You’re starting as an expert on your own story, your experiences, your identity, the culture you’ve come from, what you’ve struggled with and overcome, and what you stand for in the world. 

No one can take away your expertise, your passion, and your skills when you start with you. By definition, this will help you get specific and be MUCH more interesting to the people you want to bring together. 

So, start with you! 👋 

Tip #2: Zero in on what you’re going to master together

Why are communities that bring people together to master something interesting so successful? Because they take members from Point A to Point B. Think about it as a classic Before and After photo sesh or late night infomercial. 

These work for a reason. People want to overcome obstacles and reach their goals. The most potent way to do just that is when you’re deeply involved in a community, a program, or an online course designed for members to master that topic together. 

Here are 10 more examples that focus on what a community is going to master together:

  1. I bring together twentysomething professionals stuck with high rent and student loans, but who also have jobs they love to define and deliver on a plan to own their own home within 5 years.
  2. I bring together women attorneys looking to leave corporate law to learn how to set up a membership model for clients and bust out of the uncertainty and drain of hourly billing.
  3. I bring together modern professionals under heavy stress and suffering from insomnia to integrate a proven, 5-step lifestyle change and updated meditation practice, so that they can start sleeping through the night without risk of medication or addiction.
  4. I bring together financial analysts in their first job out of college to build a power base and navigate your organization in ways you weren’t taught in school.
  5. I bring together thirtysomething general contractors who are intrigued by the tiny home movement to understand and build a business plan for launching as a tiny home builder.
  6. I bring together recruiters at fast growing, private technology companies to develop and execute a recruiting plan at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU).
  7. I bring together fortysomething women struggling with changing metabolism to embrace a delicious plant-based diet designed to take advantage of all the benefits of strong gut health.
  8. I bring together couples in their thirties struggling with the confines of monogamy to define a new value system that supports each other and allows them to explore an open relationship together.
  9. I bring together women in their fifties struggling with anxiety and stress to build a spiritual practice based on ancient feminine energy and tribal practices.
  10. I bring together twentysomething women with liberal arts degrees feeling unsteady working at rapidly growing startups to embrace organization dynamics and build a career with confidence. 

Tip #3: Be clear on the results and transformation you’re delivering

Here comes the fun and inspiring part. 

The best communities market the results and transformation they will deliver. 

Results come fast and easy when you are clear on who you serve and what you’re going to master together. 

And what do people pay for? Results and transformation. That’s why infomercials are so successful!

Here are 10 more examples of thriving communities just getting started on a Mighty Network:

  1. I bring together musicians just starting out in their career to learn a simple, not-so-obvious way to market themselves and their music, so that we can support ourselves as a touring musician in 2020 and make a living writing and performing music.
  2. I bring together entrepreneurial parents eager to prepare their children for a rapidly changing, dynamic world to build their own “nano-school” at home (following our structure and curriculum), so that their children will have a strong, innovative set of problem-solving skills for an increasingly unpredictable 21st century.
  3. I bring together divorcing families eager to create the best possible outcomes for their new circumstances, so that they can take the right steps to put their children first and create an even healthier, more loving modern family in all its forms after divorce.
  4.  I bring together sound engineers to learn the skills needed for larger productions and bigger events, so that they can confidently lead bigger gigs, generate more income, and progress in their careers.
  5. I bring together entrepreneurs with rapidly growing crafting businesses to learn the legal aspects of protecting their work, so that they can grow their businesses with confidence, ensure that they are protected, and dream the biggest dreams possible for what they are building.
  6. I bring together hobbyist photographers to push each other toward new forms of expression so we can bring beautiful, thought-provoking visuals to the world.
  7. I bring together people planning for retirement to weigh options and make good, well-informed decisions about life after work so we can realize our goals, enter our retirement years anxiety-free, and live our lives to the fullest.
  8. I bring together alumni of an entrepreneurial boot camp to inspire and hold each other accountable in implementing what we’ve learned so we can bring our projects to life and make a specific, well-defined impact on the people we serve.
  9. I bring together youth ministers to define what it means to be a fantastic youth minister in 2019 so we can make great choices in our lives and careers, and reach as many people as possible.
  10. I bring together aspiring coaches and entrepreneurs to create a community so valuable they can charge for it, so we can bring our expertise and ideas to more people and help our members transform their lives.

Inspired yet? It’s easy to get started!

Now that you’ve seen these 30 great examples of thriving Mighty Networks, are you ready to get started with your own? Did I hear, “yes”? 😂

Well, wonderful! 

Go ahead and create your own Mighty Network now. It’s free to get started and easy to begin bringing your people together today

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