How to Use a Mighty Network

Watch this video to learn how to use a Mighty Network.

Core Features

A Mighty Network has all the features you’d expect for a platform that generates thriving communities dedicated to unique interests and passions that are modern, mobile, and rad. Here’s what you get with a Mighty Network:

Polls (Watch the tutorial)
Private Messaging
Threaded Conversations
Member Tagging
Featured Posts (Watch the tutorial)
Public, Private, and Secret Levels

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Meet the Mighty Checklist

When you create your Mighty Network, you’ll have a Mighty Checklist that’s an even faster way to see all of these features in one place. Go to Network Settings in your new Mighty Network to explore.

Our Posts support text, photos, gifs, and links, with photo albums coming soon. You can also attach a file — like a PDF — to a post or a comment. Articles support multiple photos, gifs, file attachments, and embedded videos and audio files (here’s the full list of supported services). Plus, the editor is awesome (which is why you see so many Articles here from yours truly. I love using it).

Saying we have Polls is probably underselling them. In a Mighty Network, you have the option of creating multiple choice, percentage polls, and hot and cold polls. Their colors correspond to the Topics in which they’ve been added. Let me warn you now: people ❤️ polls. I mean, ❤️❤️❤️.

For Events, we support online events (special shoutout to Zoom, whose links we recognize and show, with deeper integration coming soon with them and Crowdcast) and real-life ones too. For real-life events, we automatically show members Events Near Them based on where they live.

You can learn more about these core features and more in our Help Centeror by exploring what you’ve got in your own Mighty Network, including the options available in your own Network Settings.

Unique Features

Now that we’ve made it through the stuff you’d expect from a Mighty Network, we can get to the exclusive stuff. Once you understand these features, they will make your Mighty Network even easier to set up and be awesome.

Members Near You
Member Categories (Watch the tutorial)
Topics (Watch the tutorial)
Online Courses
Search & Discovery
Landing Page (Watch the tutorial)
Member Subscriptions
Welcome All Members (Watch the tutorial)
Host Analytics
Ambassador Program for Member Referrals

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Members Near You and Member Categories are both designed to surface new and relevant members to each other without any ongoing work from you. Members Near You happens automatically as your members join and opt-into sharing their location with others. For Member Categories, you as the Host enable them and add your suggested answers for people to pick. Then, as they pick one, we automatically show them the other members like them.

Topics are designed to organize content and conversations in your Mighty Network. You can get to Topics from navigation, from Search & Discovery, and from the Topics tag in any activity. Here are the Topics in Mighty Hosts. Setting them up and re-ordering them with a title, description, image, and color is not only easy, but dare I say fun.

Another unique thing about a Mighty Network is that you can enable multiple Groups within your Mighty Network. You can rename your Groups to, say, Circles, Cohorts (or, well, anything), and decide whether you want to limit Group creation to just you or if you want your members to start their own. Just like on general platforms, a member’s Group activity will show up in their main activity feed.

Where Topics lightly organize content and members, Groups are more hardcore, with privacy settings, etc. You can also have unique Topics and Features within each of your Groups. A Mighty Network is designed to self-organize members via Topics, Location, and Member Categories without needing to add Groups. 99.999% of Mighty Networks will thrive more effortlessly without Groups enabled, but there are there when you want them.

Ok, this is cool.  As a Host, we give you full control over what shows up in your Mighty Network’s Search & Discovery tab. From Members Near You or Members Like You to Events, Groups, or your Welcome and/or Featured Sections, it’s up to you.

You can control it all from Network Settings > Content, where you can also turn on and off different sections.

Your Mighty Network comes standard with a Landing Page that visitors will see before they become members. You can update the main photo, all the text, and add your own photos and multiple videos to give someone a real flavor of what you’re building before they join. This is especially relevant when you’ve got a Mighty Network with member subscriptions, like Tara McMullin’s CoCommercial:

The option to turn on Member Subscriptions comes with every Mighty NetworkWe’re about to make a massive set of improvements to what you can sell in your Mighty Network in June. 

Every member loves a warm welcome. You’ll love it when it can scale. That’s why we built the Welcome New Members feature to let you as a Host welcome all your new members with one click.

With Mighty Business, you also have full access to your member activity with  Network Analytics that display all of the data about members, posts, and activities in your Mighty Network.

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Everything you need is completely accessible via a downloadable member list and some pretty sweet analytics.

With Mighty Brand or Mighty Business, you can quickly enable a member referral or “Ambassador” Program that keeps track of how many people each member refers to your Mighty Network, then rewards them automatically with Gold, Silver, and Bronze Ambassador badges. You, as the Host, also have the option of layering on rewards.

Oh, and the coolest thing about choosing Mighty Networks? If you value your brand and want to create the thriving-est (yes, that’s a word) community for your brand––you want to look at Mighty Pro.

Mighty Pro is a game changer for your business

With Mighty Pro, your brand is with your members every day wherever they go.  As you can see above, with Mighty Pro, you get your own iOS and Android apps, your own pages in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, your own brand on your members’ phones, and––most importantly––your own branded mobile notifications. This last feature is actually the most important. It’s the one that lets you build a (great!) habit among your members.

But wait, there’s more!

We may be getting to the International Regulation Limit allowed for a single article, so you can continue to explore smaller, but equally unique features like the Welcome Section (a content section you control that’s surfaced to new members when they join), the Custom Navigation Link (so you can add your own link to navigation), and Custom “Request an Invite” Questions (which lets you create an application of sorts for people requesting to join your private Mighty Network) in your own Network Settings or our Help Center.

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