The Startup Tool Every Business Needs

You’ve got a big idea. You’ve been spending your days designing and imagining all the ways it will help people learn new skills and meet awesome folks along the way. In fact, you can’t think of anyone who won’t benefit from this product and you can’t wait to get it out there.

That’s great! However, it means you’re probably also avoiding a very important question: Who is the best customer for what you’re building?

Here’s why this is so essential:

  • The market requires every entrepreneur or creator to focus on one customer—or niche—first. From Glossier’s $100M dewy makeup for millennial women to Black Rifle Coffee’s multi-million dollar business serving military enthusiasts their morning cup of joe, niches today are anything but small. And winning in one niche earns you the right to expand to others. While this may not have been true five years ago, it is absolutely true today.
  • All successful niches follow roughly the same formula. The good news about focusing on an initial customer is that doing so successfully follows a pretty consistent structure. This means you can do it, and do it well.
  • To win in 2019, it’s not enough to build a great product. You’ve got to build a great product and get people to pay attention to it. The only way to get someone’s attention today is to talk directly to them, which requires you to know who they are. Without talking directly to a chosen audience, even a product that turns water into wine will die in oblivion.

Once you understand what’s been holding you back–fearing business ideas that may be “too small”–you can focus on defining your specific customer narrowly.

The Formula For Defining Your Customer

Defining a target customer means answering three questions:

  • WHO DO YOU WANT TO SERVE: choose women, men, hip-hop dancers, minimalists, or coders. The more specific, the better.
  • WHAT MAKES THEM SPECIAL: add an adjective or two that crystallizes what defines these people even more—energetic, focused, ambitious, or shy.
  • WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO TOGETHER: think write, travel, hike, meet, or hack.

The killer of great ideas in 2019 is choosing to be too general or generic in any of these areas. Specifics win. But specifics are also hard! You can surf the web, explore different tools, look up new domain names, and spend far too much time with a dictionary. It’s hard to be creative and find your niche.

What you need is a tool designed specifically for thinking about audiences. So we built it for you.


Introducing The Mighty Niche Generator: a tool for finding your audience

The Mighty Niche Generator is like a business name generator focused on who you serve. It asks the three simple questions above, then gives you a flurry of ideas for audiences —some helpful, some funny, and some just super random, but all designed to get your creative juices flowing.

And if this tool itself isn’t enough to get you started, we also surrounded it with people and brands who are doing niches right. The result is the Niche 100, a new award to recognize the most interesting and creative niche brands online today.

We hope the Mighty Niche Generator and the Niche 100 helps you along your way to a fantastic idea. There is far too much fun stuff to build and things the world needs now more than ever for you to get blocked from finding your niche.

Check out the Mighty Niche Generator now.