Why Mighty Networks?

11 Reasons Mighty Networks is a Powerful Website Builder

Creating your own website is easy when you use an intuitive and free website builder like Mighty Networks. Designed to enable site-building newbies and pros alike to create a website with speed and flexibility, Mighty Networks is a fun-to-use website builder unlike any other.

Here are 11 good reasons why your next website should be built using Mighty Networks.

1. Your Mighty Network is Quick, Simple, and Free to Set Up

Setting up a Mighty Network is a quick and painless affair. Simply visit the site, click the “Start for Free” button, answer three simple questions, and voila! your fledgling site is born.

One big advantage of using Mighty Networks is that it helps you focus on creating an ideal customer experience by taking you through a checklist of pre-launch steps that ensure all your t’s are crossed and your i’s are dotted before you introduce your amazing new website to its future adoring public.

2. No Need to Buy a Domain Name

The creative freedom Mighty Networks offers to website builders is unprecedented. If you were to build a traditional website today, you would first need to purchase a domain name, which is typically free the first year and then upwards of $25 a year ever-after. With a Mighty Network, you can name your site whatever you wish and receive a domain for free! If you aren’t sure what name to use, you can use our niche name generator to get started.

Of course, if you already have a domain and you want to move it to your Mighty Network, you can do that, too.

3. No Need to Buy a Web Hosting Plan

Mighty Networks hosts your site for free. Most website builders will let you build a site for free, but then they require you to either purchase a hosting plan from a third party or pay a monthly hosting fee.

If you’ve ever paid for a hosting plan, then you know web hosts will be joining cable and phone companies in the ninth circle of hell someday for all their rip-off hidden fees that increase every year. A low-end website hosting plan costs a minimum of $120 per year, but all the add-ons like “security” and “privacy” are upcharges that ultimately cost the average website owner around $240 a year.

That’s a lot of money better spent reinvesting in the success of your growing business.

4. Your Mighty Network Features Intuitive Navigation

Your Mighty Network is designed to be easy to navigate so people can find what they need fast and get where they’re going even faster. Read any marketing blog today and you’ll be told in no uncertain terms that a great customer experience is mandatory in order to remain competitive and relevant in today’s market.

However, according to Harvard Business Review, “The number one factor in delivering a great customer experience is not delighting customers, but reducing their efforts.” Mighty Networks ensures that your website delivers an effortlessly engaging customer experience.

5. Your Mighty Network is Loaded With Cool Features

Offering the ultimate in flexibility, your Mighty Network provides you with a host of scalable built-in features that you can incorporate into your site with push-button ease as you grow.

  • General features include the ability to add hosts and moderators, adjust privacy settings, charge members for subscriptions, and more.
  • Web and content features help you drive engagement through polls, surveys, articles, videos, and more.
  • Online course features empower you to drip lessons and content, add additional instructors, charge for individual courses, and do other things that help both students and teachers get more from their learning experience.
  • Community and group features enhance member connections through a variety of interactive features such as leaderboards, private messaging, referral rewards, events and more. In addition, Mighty Networks offers instant integration with a variety of apps and tools like Slack, Google Analytics, Zapier, Zoom, Facebook Live, and others.

6. Customize Your Mighty Network

Creating a website that reflects your brand’s voice, values, and image is easy when you use Mighty Networks. Beautiful and versatile, Mighty Networks allows you to create a site that is truly your own by using the colors, logos, images, and illustrations associated with your brand.

Fans, followers, and visitors will find it easier to find and connect with your website when it’s fully outfitted with your brand’s unique look and feel.

7. Your Mighty Network Works on Any Device

Mighty Networks websites are crafted to deliver a great user experience regardless of whether your visitors are Android or iPhone fans, or whether they connect via a phone, tablet, or desktop. In addition, you can upload content and make changes to your Mighty Network using any of the aforementioned devices.

Ready to roll when you are, the free Mighty Networks app is available for download from Apple’s App Store and Google Play, so you can add the icon to your home screen, stay connected to your followers, and push updates to your site 24/7 via your mobile phone.

8. Your Mighty Network Has Built-In Email and Messaging

A comprehensive website maker, your Mighty Network comes with built-in email and messaging, so you can reach people quickly. Convenient and secure, the email and SMS tools are ideal for group and individual messages.

Best of all, you won’t miss messages or deliver a delayed response because everything you need to keep yourself and other administrators informed is included with your Mighty Network. Plus, you can save yourself time and the hassle of maintaining and constantly checking a separate email account because you’ll no longer need one.

9. Your Mighty Network Accommodates All Types of Files

Don’t you hate it when you find an awesome image you want to share, upload it, and get the ill-fated message that the file isn’t supported? Yeah, us too.

From JPEGs to TIFFs, PDFs to Word docs, and everything in between, your Mighty Network has you covered. Upload any type of file up to 25MB (per file) in seconds. You can also embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and more.

10. Your Mighty Network Makes Connecting With Others Fun

“Network” is in our name and no other website builder software helps you connect with people more than we do. Your Mighty Network is built to increase engagement by allowing members to join the conversation by adding comments and showing support for other comments and contributors through a heart-shaped cheer. You can even allow your members to create their own posts, topics, events and more–it’s up to you.

Functional and versatile, your Mighty Network gives also visitors the ability to keep a conversation private through direct messaging.

11. Your Mighty Network Enables You to Host Live Chat

There’s nothing quite like the excitement and thrill that comes with getting an immediate answer to a question. You can provide this benefit to your followers when you build your website using Mighty Networks because it gives you the awesome ability to host live chat.

Respond quickly to customer queries, provide members with specific information, or simply demonstrate to visitors that you’re plugged in and here for them whenever they need you. It’s smart business that helps you build a stronger, more responsive brand that people trust.

Build Your Mighty Network, Today!

Now that you know Mighty Networks offers the ideal set of features that a website builder can offer, why not start building your new site today? Your members are out there waiting for you. Click here to begin.

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