Why We Created Mighty Business

Mighty Business is designed for creators with a purpose to generate revenue by offering courses, coaching, exclusive content, or community membership packages.

Mighty Networks Serves Creators With a Purpose

We launched Mighty Networks to serve small business owners who we think of as “creators with a purpose.” These are truly amazing people. They have created brands and businesses that bring people together around an interest, passion, goal, or lifestyle. What sets them apart from others is the way they use community to inspire, educate, and connect those they serve.

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The Number of Creators is Exploding

DIY websites, podcasting, online education, millennial demand for experiences over things, and–obviously–social media have worked together to unlock massive numbers of creators with a purpose.

Sources: Facebook earnings announcements, Facebook custom searches, LinkedIn Sales Navigator custom searches, Podcast Insights, Recreate Coalition, Eventbrite, Instagram Mention Report 2017.

For example, there are 22M Instagram influencers with over 1M followers. That’s 22 million people. There are 147M people on Instagram with over 10,000 followers. There are 68M people with Facebook Groups that have over 20,000 members. And there are hundreds of thousands of event organizers, podcasters, and creators selling memberships and rewards every single day.

Something is happening. People everywhere are looking to creators to bring them together with their unique outlook, personality, expertise, creativity, and ability to attract the right people.

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There’s Massive Consumer Demand For Experiences, Relationships, and Expertise

Creators with a purpose are following a similar pattern to build a compelling business: (1) pick a niche they can own, (2) build an audience with social media, podcasts, Facebook Groups, books, and even TED Talks, and (3) engage and generate revenue on their own by building out a combination of:

Fans and followers are driving demand for experiences, relationships, and expertise from creators like never before. What exactly is going on? A few key trends are shaping a new world of selling digital services:

Increased Demand For Experiences
72% of millennials prefer to spend money on experiences over material things. Millennial shoppers spend 66% more on experiences and entertainment than either Baby Boomers or Generation X. Source: Harris Group

Increased Demand For Meaningful Relationships
47% of Americans say they don’t have meaningful, daily face-to-face social interactions. Adults 18-22 years-old believe they are the loneliest generation. 70% of millennials want to invest their time and money with people and organizations that share their values. Source: Cigna

Increased Demand For Your Expertise
87% of American professionals believe it’s essential for them to continuously develop new skills and relationships during their careers. Source: Pew Research

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Managing These Different Services is a Bit of a Mess

As creators have seen their audiences grow, they quickly realize that trying to pull together a business that brings people together and sells experiences, relationships, and expertise is really hard.

If you are anything like other Mighty “Hosts” (what we call our customers), this might be what you are managing every day:

In short, it’s a mess.

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We Created Mighty Business to Bring Your Brand Together in One Place

Mighty Business offers the essential features for growth, engagement, and revenue all in one place. Continue to build your audience on social media, but when you’re ready to engage them with content, community, online courses, memberships, and rewards, you can do it all from your own custom domain mapped Mighty Network for only $57/month.

Mighty Business is Our Best Value

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Mighty Business is our best value. It’s designed to be cheaper and more effective than paying separately for an online course platform, a membership and rewards platform, a website builder, and a community platform.

Mighty Business has a simple, easy-to-use admin interface where you can choose 52 different ways to customize and brand your Mighty Network, including your choice of features from questions to polls, events, articles, topics, articles, courses, and articles:

The best part? Your members will love it:

Mighty Business is available on both web and mobile. It’s beautifully integrated so your members can use it wherever they want. And with custom domain mapping and links, you can easily market your new Mighty Network from an email list, your social media accounts, or even your website.

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Start your FREE Mighty Business trial now

Looking to learn even more about Mighty Business? We just recorded an exclusive conversation with our Founder & CEO Gina Bianchini talking about it. Join us and the 400 other attendees who fell in love with Mighty Business on the spot! You can also read all about the features included with Mighty Business.