Power your business with your own social network

Take control of your members and ditch the Facebook algorithm. Own your own social media site, under your brand, on every platform.

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Your own social network can bring people together

Your members will all have a personalized Activity Feed. They can see your content, events, and even content from any online courses and private sub-groups they belong to.

You control the experience — it's your brand

No algorithm stands between you and your members. You can customize the look and feel and even use a personalized domain name — across both web and mobile apps.

Create a free social network or charge for access

You'll have the ability to charge for membership or to invite people for free but charge for courses, sub-groups, or bundles. It's simple to set up and manage — no extra software needed!

Own your data and access advanced analytics

You'll have total visibility into the growth and health of your social network. And you own your member data — you can download it and use Zapier to connect it to other tools you use.

A social network is just the beginning — try online courses

This is the only platform that integrates your own social network with online courses. You'll have a built-in audience ready to learn together, through the power of community.

A Mighty Network makes it possible to have a social network without social media

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