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Meet Martinus Evans and 1,600 “Back of the Pack” Runners Not Afraid to Be Slow AF


Meet Martinus Evans and 1,600 “Back of the Pack” Runners Not Afraid to Be Slow AF

Martinus Evans didn’t want to start just another Facebook running group for his fans.

As a creator with more than 32,000 Instagram followers (@300poundsandrunning), he had seen many of his peers take this route, but it didn’t make sense to him.

First of all, with so many running groups on Facebook, it would be hard to stand out. Second, it seemed crazy to try to inspire his members to crush big goals on a platform where they would be bombarded by off-topic distractions and political vitriol.

How a Floral Designer Launched Her Own $18,000 Floral Business School

Kathleen Drennan has two great passions in life: business and flowers.

In 2014, she left her successful marketing career, started a floral design business, and grew it into a highly profitable, six-figure enterprise.

But something struck her. She noticed that many of her fellow florists lacked the business skills she had grown up learning in a family where business principles were discussed at the dinner table.



How a Financial Advisor Went From Idea to Successful Launch of His First Membership Site in 45 Days

Taylor Schulte wondered what he was getting himself into.

Sure, he had a flourishing financial advisory practice in his hometown of San Diego, two successful podcasts, and a wealth of marketing skills and expertise.

But he didn’t know anything about running a membership website. Uncertainty was running through his mind:

“What if launch this and no one joins? Do people really want another community?”

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