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Do It Now: This Cartoonist Created a Membership Site to Stop Artists From Procrastinating

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Do It Now: This Cartoonist Created a Membership Site to Stop Artists From Procrastinating

Jessica Abel knew the biggest hurdle for serious artists was easier said than done: Making the time to get their creative projects done.

As Jessica, a full-time academic and part-time cartoonist, spoke to her friends and peers, they all seemed to have the same challenge. They loved their work. It was their heart, soul, and reason for being. Yet, there was a common enemy plaguing their daily lives, procrastination.

Jessica Abel

How Tara McMullin Pioneered Virtual Conferences to Connect Small Businesses Owners Across the U.S.

Tara McMullin has served as a coach, mentor, and leader to thousands of small digital businesses over the past decade. 

Yet, her truly unique strength is in how she adapts new technologies to both reach and connect her people. 

Not only does she run a new podcast consulting and production company from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but she’s come up with an unique approach to using virtual conferences, virtual retreats, and virtual co-working “spaces” to deepen and grow her other business, a thriving membership site called The What Works Network.

Where many of us today are playing catch up to all things virtual, Tara is an old hand. And what we see from her is just how dynamic (and, dare we say, fun) a virtual approach to a business can be. 

Tara McMullin

The What Works Network

How a #30DayHairDetox Built a Natural Hair Movement

When looking to make the switch to natural styling, the Internet can be a bewildering place to look for help.

Aeleise Ollarvia and Aishia Strickland, experienced hair stylists and experts in natural hair care, were not having it.

Frustrated with the misinformation they saw online, these hair artists set out to share a bold stance on how black women should style their curls: Eliminating shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil, and “everybody’s favorite gel”—Eco Styler—from their routines.

On a whim, they launched a #30DayHairDetox email campaign and discovered there was a movement happening in people’s inboxes.

Aeleise Ollarvia and Aishia Strickland

Black Curl Magic Digital Salon

Do You Really Need an App? The Surprising Choice J.T. O’Donnell Made to Get Results for Her Clients

J.T. O’Donnell gets people results.

From new grads just starting their careers to soldiers leaving the military, managers starting their next chapter to women returning to work after a break, she helps people develop a fresh, exciting picture of where they want to take their careers and then guides them through the process of creating and following a concrete plan for getting there.

J.T. O’Donnell

Work It Daily

Extraordinary Success is Not Accomplished Alone: How Dan Miller’s 48 Days Became So Much More Than a Book and Podcast

When you’re the best-selling author of 48 Days to the Work You Love with a wildly successful podcast and weekly email newsletter that 87,000 people, what in the heck would inspire you to spend the past year investing your time and energy in 626 people on a brand new platform?

For Dan Miller, it was the power of a connected network of entrepreneurs that gets more valuable to everyone with each new member who joins.

Dan Miller

How a Premium Coaching Program Takes Therapists from Acing Exams to Building a Thriving Practice

Miranda Palmer has come a long way since launching her first free Yahoo Group in 2005.

Back then she was an aspiring therapist who had just failed her licensing exam by one point, and she wasn’t alone. Many of her grad school classmates were in the same boat.

So, when a handful of her students at a local university showed her how they were using a Yahoo Group to study together, a lightbulb went off.

What if I created a study group for aspiring therapists for us to pass our exams together?

That’s exactly what she did. ZynnyMe was born.



Meet Martinus Evans and 1,600 “Back of the Pack” Runners Not Afraid to Be Slow AF

Martinus Evans didn’t want to start just another Facebook running group for his fans.

As a creator with more than 32,000 Instagram followers (@300poundsandrunning), he had seen many of his peers take this route, but it didn’t make sense to him.

First of all, with so many running groups on Facebook, it would be hard to stand out. Second, it seemed crazy to try to inspire his members to crush big goals on a platform where they would be bombarded by off-topic distractions and political vitriol.

Martinus Evans

Slow AF Run Club

How a Floral Designer Launched Her Own $18,000 Floral Business School

Kathleen Drennan has two great passions in life: business and flowers.

In 2014, she left her successful marketing career, started a floral design business, and grew it into a highly profitable, six-figure enterprise.

But something struck her. She noticed that many of her fellow florists lacked the business skills she had grown up learning in a family where business principles were discussed at the dinner table.



Kathleen Drennan


This Financial Advisor Went From Idea to Successful Launch of His First Membership Site in 45 Days

Taylor Schulte wondered what he was getting himself into.

Sure, he had a flourishing financial advisory practice in his hometown of San Diego, two successful podcasts, and a wealth of marketing skills and expertise.

But he didn’t know anything about running a membership website. Uncertainty was running through his mind:

“What if launch this and no one joins? Do people really want another community?”

Taylor Schulte

Advisor Growth Community

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