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What if a Community Name Generator could build your community for you?

Meet Mighty Co-Host™, the first ChatGPT-4-powered community builder.

Who do you want to bring together?

Our AI engine is here to help you create a community name that feels like magic. Just share a few words or a phrase and we’ll get to work.

Share a few words or a phrase to start

Examples: coaching clients, meditation novices, vegan chefs, dog lovers, aspiring entrepreneurs, etc.


Get new members excited to join with a community description


Choose from community name suggestions


Explore a potential brand identity you can always change later


Get new members excited to join with the Big Purpose formula


Choose from community name suggestions


Explore a potential brand identity you can always change later

A Community Name Generator is great. An AI Community Builder is even better.

What if you could create a community so valuable you could charge for it and so well-designed it essentially runs itself?

Sounds pretty great, right?

It’s also probably one of the reasons you were on the hunt for a community name generator.

What if you had extra help not just in generating a new community name, but everything you may want to set up a successful community, online course, or membership:

  • A proven formula for attracting the most motivated members to a new community
  • A community name that grabs people’s attention and speaks directly to why they’d want to join
  • A potential brand identity that’s compelling and saves you a ton of work—or at least helps you see quickly what you really want

This is Mighty Co-Host™.

You kick us off with who you want to bring together

We’ll get to how to generate the best, most memorable, and exciting community names in a moment. But first, we want to share why using Mighty Co-Host™ for your community name generator is special. It’s not just because it’s using ChatGPT-4.

To start using Mighty Co-Host™, share in a few words a rough idea of who you want to bring together.

That’s it.

Once you share, we’ll generate some suggestions that take that rough idea and get prospective members excited to join you.

We call it your Big Purpose. And it’s awesome.

A New Kind of Community Builder

Mighty Co-Host™ uses ChatGPT-4 to take even the rawest idea you may have for creating a community, an online course, or a membership—and turns it into a clear, exciting way to talk about what you’re building with a Big Purpose, a choice of community names, and a potential brand identity you can always change later. What once took days or weeks to create and name a community will now take you just a few minutes.

step background


Big Purpose

Get new members excited to join with your community’s Big Purpose

step background


Community Name

Choose from community name suggestions

step background


Brand Identity

Explore a potential brand identity you can always change later

A Big Purpose is a proven formula for attracting members

Every successful community answers three questions:

  • Who the community is for
  • What members will do together
  • The results and transformation members can expect from contributing

Your Big Purpose captures the motivation for joining your community and guarantees the right people can find and join your community. It’s the first step to generating a community name that captures the purpose of your community.

So, close your eyes and picture who you’d love to bring together in your new community. Are they recent college graduates starting their first job in performance marketing? Or perhaps meditation or yoga novices excited (or scared) about starting a new practice? Or solo travelers considering working their way around the world?

Share who you want to bring together, and we’ll start to give you some options for your Big Purpose as the first step.

How to use a memorable name to grow your community

Based on your Big Purpose, Mighty Co-Host™ will generate as many community names as you want to see. As you choose your final community name, keep in mind the best community names are:

Memorable—If no one remembers your community name, it will be harder for others to talk about or share it. Think Slow AF Run Club or Flower Boss Academy or The Storage Rebellion—all communities that successfully charge to join.

Shareable—Your community name isn’t about you sharing it, it’s about making it easy for other people to share it when you’re not around.

Descriptive—Finally, you want your community name to make your life easier because it describes who your community is for and the results your members will get from it.

For example: Who do you think Slow AF Run Club is for? Slow runners. Who do you think Flower Boss Academy is for? Florists who run five and six figure businesses around the world. Who do you think The Storage Rebellion is for? Self-Storage owners aspiring to financial freedom.

Close your eyes again. Now picture a stranger describing your community name to another stranger. Is it clear enough for them to not just communicate it but get the other person excited about it?

That’s your goal.

And while every Mighty Co-Host™ suggestion won’t be perfect (and some could potentially be weird), it will quickly give you a whole set of options to make your community name memorable, shareable, and descriptive.

What’s a great community name without a brand identity?

Originally, this community name generator would just give you a name. The results were decent, but something was missing.

It was still too hard to create a community with a clear purpose and exciting visual design that would stand out in a crowd.

After talking to both successful community builders—or Hosts, as we call them—and those whose communities failed to launch or get adoption, we realized that a proper community name generator needed something more.

It needed to offer at least one idea for a complete brand identity that you get you started, but that you could change at any time.

If you liked it, it would save you a ton of time and money. If you didn’t, it would at least give you something to react to.

The final step in the Mighty Co-Host™ community name generator creates a brand identity for your new community. Taking your chosen Big Purpose and community name, it will generate a visual identity, tagline, landing page, invite message, welcome post, and more.

Something like this:

marketing materials

What can you do with your new community?

As you can see, with Mighty Co-Host™, your new community is more than a name. It’s a motivation for people to join you with your Big Purpose. It’s a name that’s memorable, shareable, and descriptive. And it’s a brand identity designed to work together to attract the people who want and need your community the most right now.

How can you use this new community builder?

  • To design a community that brings people together around an interest, passion, or goal
  • To launch a new online course that draws people to your expertise or ideas
  • To introduce a new paid membership because people pay attention to communities they pay for
  • To organize an event or an event series that kickstart your new community, course, or membership
  • To bring together and organize content in your own branded website and apps that can scale to a community, course, membership, or event whenever you are ready

It’s fast and free to create a community with Mighty Co-Host™

Just tell us who you want to bring together and we’ll tap ChatGPT-4 to bring you the community of your dreams in minutes.

Who do you want to bring together?

Tell us who you want to bring together and we’ll get started with your new community name suggestions and more.

Examples: coaching clients, meditation novices, vegan chefs, dog lovers, aspiring entrepreneurs, etc.