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Mighty Encyclopedia

Big Purpose

What is a Big Purpose?

Your Big Purpose is the motivation for your community. It’s something that can only be accomplished by your members coming together to answer the call. Another way to think about your Big Purpose is as the driving force behind your work. It’s ultimately why your community exists in the first place — you’re bringing together the exact people needed to realize the community’s goals.

Here’s a helpful template we’ve created to help you narrow down your Big Purpose:

Big Purpose- New Image

Your Big Purpose comes to life with your story and your Ideal Member.

To get more clarity, ask yourself what you bring to your community that will help people find this Big Purpose. More specifically, you can hone in on your circumstances, identity, and cultural background, where you’ve been and why, what you’ve achieved and how, who you’ve helped along the way, etc.

Why have a Big Purpose?

Having a Big Purpose is important because it’s a key element of a thriving community — it’s about being crystal clear about the community’s shared objectives. By having a concrete reason for bringing people together, you will attract more Ideal Members—and higher quality ones—and your members will be more likely to reach their goal and achieve the transformation they desire.

It’s natural too for the motivation in your community to dwindle along the way. But reassuring your members and keeping athe clear vision on what you’re building will help reignite their inspiration.

Your Big Purpose is so much more than learning, sharing, and growing. It’s about helping your members:

  • Make better, more informed decisions.

  • Get answers to questions that don’t have an easy or obvious answer.

  • Build practices and habits that are nearly impossible to do on their own.

  • Work smarter and more efficiently after hearing the stories, experiences, and ideas of people on the same path.

  • Access exclusive connections and knowledge to help each of them achieve their goals.

Remember that having a clear Big Purpose will set everything else in motion — attracting the right members, at the right time, who believe in your mission and will help spread the word about your community!

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