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Fantastic platform for small biz owners

I’ve been with Mighty Networks since pretty much the beginning and I have been amazed at the fantastic customer service and responsiveness and my business has grown and my offerings have become better with each new iteration as a Mighty Networks evolves. Period

- Appfollow.io Review

I Moved My Facebook Group!

After running a large community on Facebook for those living abroad for four years, I found myself frustrated by the lack of support for admins and moderators. Mighty Networks has solved that by not only having amazing support and a fab tech team but by also going several steps above and beyond to allow community members better control over their feed and information that matters to them as well as opportunities to seek out new relationships with other members. Bravo. A really happy admin here!

- iOS App Store Review

Thoughtful and engaging

Gina and her team are constantly improving this app as they continue to pursue meaningful solutions to the question “How can we better connect people to each other?” I run my network on this platform and love the polls for engagement, the ability for people to “meet” others near them, the host features that provide great data and the beautiful layout. Such thoughtful development!

- iOS App Store Review

A great platform!

I created my own Mighty Network and am also a member of several others. I love staying connected with all of them easily and in one app on my phone. I can move between networks, ask questions, make posts and keep up with the friends I’ve made around our shared interests. Mighty Networks are the greatest and get my highest endorsement!

- Google Play Store Review

Amazing experience!

This is a great app that gives people with like interests a platform where they can make their own groups and share ideas/articles/videos/art/ ect. I joined for a very specific fan base because there was abuse going on in the fandom and this was created by an individual as a safe space for our little niche. Perfect for things like this!

- Google Play Store Review

Great app

Intuitive, user-friendly, easy to navigate, and a great platform that helps me stay focused on the community I desire to be in.

- iOS App Store Review

Mighty Networks are the greatest

Not only is my Mighty Network beautiful, there’s so much that I can create for my members. Finding Mighty Networks – the website, the apps, and the whole package – has changed my business. Plus, my members love it. I didn’t think that this was going to be possible.

- iOS App Store Review

I love Mighty Networks

The app makes it possible for my customers to keep up with their small business network on the go. Plus, the MN team has their fingers on the pulse of exactly what digital business owners need to create profitable communities. Highly recommend.

- iOS App Store Review

This app is great

I enjoy being about to speak with other people about a topic, view courses by a health professional, and participate in private circles all in the same place! If you hate Facebook like I do, this is the app for you.

- Google Play Store Review

So fast, so easy to reply!

I use this app everyday to manage my community and online courses. It’s my secret weapon in being hyper responsive to my members. I love it!

- iOS App Store Review

Love it

This app is so cool! Great design and really awesome features. Since our study abroad trip, our group has been super connected thanks to this app. Definitely recommend!

- iOS App Store Review

Connect & share

Allows me to connect with fellow classmates and share my work.

- Google Play Store Review

The best!

I’m the host of two Mighty Networks and I absolutely love the product! The features allow users to easily post questions, polls, and articles. I’ve gotten so much out of my networks and I encourage everyone to give it a try!

- iOS App Store Review

Big fan of Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks powers our student mentorship platform and it is truly incredible what we are able to do, I have not seen any other platform that has enabled us to accomplish what we can do with Mighty Networks, the team works hard to continue to optimize the interface and is highly attentive to the platform. Highly recommend!

- iOS App Store Review

Amazingly helpful

Mighty Networks makes creating and developing your network easy, fun and produces engagement.

- iOS App Store Review

Outstanding app

I love the functionality of this app! I have created a blog that is fun to use and user friendly, my Mula Mob tribe has a home to express their unique thoughts, all in one app! 🙂

- iOS App Store Review

This is the app for you

This app is great. I enjoy being about to speak with other people about a topic, view courses by a health professional, and participate in private circles all in the same place! If you hate Facebook like I do, this is the app for you.

- Google Play Store Review

Finally! Social networking done well!

Now we have a platform to organize communities around meaning and member value, not ad and search algorithms.

- iOS App Store Review

Grateful for Mighty Networks

What an amazing app, I’m with rose gold goddesses allows you to reflect and grow with women that get it! I’m so grateful I signed up. The platform is very user friendly and I really like the style of it.

- Google Play Store Review