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Explore what’s possible when you move your community and online courses to a Mighty Network.

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Hands down, the single best community for your people.

  • Your own web domain
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Mighty Pro delivers native mobile apps, mobile notifications, and app store marketing all under your brand.

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Explore Mighty Pro to launch your Mighty Network on your own iOS and Android apps.


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Frequently asked questions

How many members can I have?

You can have unlimited members on The Business Plan, The Community Plan, and even the Free Plan.


How do my members get access to the native mobile apps?

Every Mighty Network is accessible on the desktop web or mobile web, as well as on our free native iOS and Android Mighty Networks apps. Over 65% of all member engagement happens on the native mobile apps because it’s so easy to connect with other members, send messages, and get notifications on the go.


How can I export information about my members?

When you upgrade to The Business Plan, you automatically unlock access to data about your members including their email addresses, profile information, payments and subscriptions, Course and/or Group memberships within your Mighty Network, and much more.
The exportable member list is a detailed Excel spreadsheet that you can download anytime for your entire Mighty Network or for an individual Course or Group.


Can I integrate my Mighty Network with my CRM and my other online systems?

Yes! With our Zapier integration on The Business Plan, you can connect your Mighty Network to thousands of other services you already use to run your business. Zapier allows you to automate tasks between your Mighty Network and 2,000+ other applications including Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack, Google Docs, and many more.

How many Hosts can I have?

You can have unlimited Hosts and Moderators on The Business Plan and The Community Plan. On The Free Plan, you are limited to three Hosts.


Can I charge for membership or courses?

Yes! You can set up payments within your Mighty Network and charge a one-time fee, monthly subscription fee, or annual subscription fee for access to your Mighty Network. On The Community Plan and The Business Plan, you can sell access to individual groups or courses within your Mighty Network, or you can sell combinations of groups and/or courses as a package. Click here to read more about what’s possible.

Mighty Networks takes a small transaction fee on each payment that gets processed through our integrated payments features. This fee is 2% on The Business Plan, 3% on The Community Plan, and 5% on The Free Plan.


Can I connect my Mighty Network with my website?

Yes! With The Community Plan or The Business Plan, you can custom domain map your Mighty Network on the web and choose to use a subdomain of your main website. With The Business Plan, you can also set up custom links that allow you to connect your existing website to your Mighty Network.


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