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Build a community with livestreaming, chat, memberships, events, and more on your own branded website.

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  • Native Livestreaming & Video
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Grow a business with your own community, online courses, memberships, and more.

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The Basics

Mighty Co-Host™ Dynamic Set Up & AI Features

Mighty Co-Host™ is the first AI community builder powered by GPT-4 to help you create the community, courses, and memberships of your dreams in just a few minutes.

Hosts & Moderators

Hosts have full access to all settings, moderators to a more limited set of features. Add as many of each as you need.




There’s no limit to how many members you can have in your Mighty Network.




Similar to channels, organize your Mighty Network with unlimited Spaces and native features.



Available on iOS, Android & the Web

Your Mighty Network is available on the web and through our iOS and Android apps.

Your Own Branded Apps & Website

When you're ready, upgrade your Mighty Network to your own branded apps—without custom development or moving platforms



Create a course in minutes with the option to add course content unlocks by date or by progress.


Course Communities

Add a thriving course community to any course to increase completion rates and results.


Instructors & Moderators

Instructors and moderators can edit course settings and/or lessons.


Native Video Upload in Courses

Quickly and easily add course videos to your lessons.

Quizzes & Tests

Add quizzes and testing to your courses.

Mighty Co-Host™ Instant Course Outline

Transform the seed of an idea into an outline using Mighty’s proven SPARK Course™ format and GPT-4.


Charge for Access to Your Mighty Network

Your Mighty Network can be free or paid. Transaction fees exclude Stripe credit card processing.

Charge for Access to Any Space

Charge for an unlimited number of individual Spaces within your Mighty Network.

Charge for Bundles

Bundle access to your Mighty Network along with included Spaces.

Charge for Online Courses

Charge for an unlimited number of individual online courses within your Mighty Network.

Charge for One-Time Events

Set up and charge for access to an individual event.

Choose Subscription or One-Time Payments

Run individual or bundled annual or monthly subscriptions, or charge a one-time fee.

Charge in Local Currencies

Choose from over 135 local currencies for your paid plans.

Transaction Fees

Mighty charges a small fee on each transaction.




Basic Mighty Insights™

An overview of your members and community that tells you what’s working and what’s not.

Premium Mighty Insights™

A deep dive into your members, cohorts,. and Spaces.

Member Data Ownership

You can export your member data, including email addresses.

ConvertKit Integration

Mighty is the only community and course platform with a seamless integration to ConvertKit’s email and marketing platform.

API Integrations Via Zapier

Connect your Mighty Network to thousands of other business tools.

Google Analytics Integration

Track traffic and behavior in your Mighty Network on the Google Analytics platform.

Custom Domain

Link an existing domain or buy a new one, right from your Mighty Network.

Zoom Integration

This seamless integration works beautifully on web and mobile apps. Just sync your Zoom account and it's ready.


If your Mighty Network is public, it'll be scannable by search engines to help you grow organically.


Questions & Polls

Harness the power of Questions & Polls to prompt members to share their stories, ideas, and experiences in one of the most popular community features of a Mighty Network.


Create one-off or recurring offline or online events, track RSVPs, sync to calendars, and remind members.

Invite & Share

Invite members one by one or via bulk upload. You can also create separate invite links for easy tracking.

Member Referrals

Use the built-in ambassador program to encourage existing members to invite new ones.

Members Near You

Unique to a Mighty Network, you (and your members) can quickly see who lives in the same area.

Members Like You

Create the categories that matter to your members so they can quickly find others like them.


Marketing Pages

Create freeform marketing or informational pages within any Space.

Resources & Structured Content

Use the Table of Contents feature in any Space to set up easily accessible resources or other structured content.

Articles & Quick Posts

Quickly share a note, video, photo, or link with your Mighty Network.

Native Video

Hosts can record and upload 4GB video directly to your Mighty Network.

Total Storage

Store and share recorded livestreams along with other videos, photos, and documents.

250 GB*

1 TB*

Chat & Messaging

Chat Spaces

Easily create dedicated Chat Spaces and stay on top of activity with push notifications.

Direct Messaging

It's easy for individuals or a few members to connect in a casual chat, directly from your Mighty Network.

Notify All Members

Hosts can notify all members when they post something — you, not an algorithm, decide what your members see.


Multiple Onscreen Speakers

Offer live meet and greets, Q&A sessions and more.

Up to 8 Guests

Up to 8 Guests

Streaming Hours Per Month

Go live directly from your Mighty Network or any Space.

5 Hours*

20 Hours*

Viewers per Stream

Grow your streaming audience with ease.

50 Viewers*

200 Viewers*


Priority Customer Support

Access our Customer Advocacy team via the “Need Help” button, directly in your Mighty Network.

Mighty Community

Find strategy and support by joining the largest community of creators and entrepreneurs.

Community Design ™ Accelerator

For a one-time fee, get lifetime access to this data-driven course in community engagement, pricing, and growth.



Only on Mighty Networks can you upgrade to your own branded mobile apps–without moving platforms

See how Mighty Pro is unique from anything in the market, including our other plans.

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