"In 48 hours, We Sold 1,100 Tickets For Our Conference."

"In 48 hours, We Sold 1,100 Tickets For Our Conference."

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LO sister is a private paid membership community created by Sadie Robertson Huff. Young women join live workshops, attend weekly Bible studies, grow friendships, and connect with women in similar life stages between Sadie's national stadium events.

The Spark: Their goal was create an app that expressed Sadie's Live Original brand and offered a space for young women to support each other in their journey towards deeper faith and personal growth.

Their Mighty Moment: “Our apps create a space where girls become accountable to each other in their faith. It’s about creating an environment where women grow and invite each other into their lives and become friends.”

LO sister is an online community of young women founded by Sadie Robertson Huff.

Sadie is a New York Times best-selling author, speaker, TV star, and one of the world's most influential voices for young Christian women today, with over 4.6 million Instagram followers, national speaking tours, and a top-ranking podcast called, WHOA, That’s Good.

To support her growing ministry, Sadie’s team turned to Mighty Pro to launch her LO sister iOS, iPad, and Android apps. Since then, they’ve seen the benefits of using cultural software and branded apps to help young women make lasting friendships and boldly live their faith at formative stages in their life.

  • Created an online community for thousands of young women

  • Helped to sell 1,100 tickets to a LO sister conference in 48 hours

  • Saw a 24% rise in app membership in the days following the conference

“LO sister, is our branded app that allows women to dive deeper into Sadie's ministry and express what the Live Original brand is all about. This platform gives members a place to connect alongside community and have intentional conversations about the content we share —the podcast, our YouTube content, Sadie’s sermons and books, and our upcoming events," says Emma Brownawell, Community Coordinator at Live Original.

Why Mighty Pro?

Before upgrading to Mighty Pro, the Live Original team built out their online community with The Business Plan. After a year, they knew it was time to elevate the brand and better serve their young demographic with native iOS, iPad, and Android apps.

“When we didn't have Mighty Pro, our audience would often get confused. They would ask is this the right app? Is this what Sadie was sharing about? Now, people can find LO sister in the app stores with no problem. The app store listings, the branding, and customization has changed the game for us,” says Emma.

Leading members deeper into their faith

While most of Sadie’s audience first follow her through Instagram, YouTube, or her podcast, The LO sister app brings them deeper into Sadie’s mission and the Live Original brand. With their own private social networking community, young women achieve growth and confidence that wouldn’t be possible alone.

The app is filled with Bible studies led by LO ambassadors, workshops and live events, weekly scriptures to meditate on and share, and daily encouragement from Sadie and her team.

The branded app unites the many streams of Sadie’s ministry—her podcast and YouTube content, live book clubs, clothing line, upcoming events and national tours—into a central membership experience.

“Our apps create a space where girls become accountable to each other in their faith. It’s about creating an environment where women grow and invite each other into their lives and become friends," says Courtney Leatherwood, Brand + Creative Marketing Manager at Live Original.

“In 48 hours, we sold 1,100 tickets for our conference."

Whether preaching to 65,000 young adults at the Passion Conference or with her own Live Original and LO sister Conferences, Sadie’s gift is bringing people together at live events.

Most recently, they held their 2021 LO sister Conference, uniting Sadie’s most dedicated followers.

“In 48 hours, we sold 1,100 tickets for our conference. There were countless incredible moments from the weekend. But one that sits at the forefront of our mind was getting to see members meet each other in person as well as our ambassadors to be there live, participating and bringing the event to life," says Emma.

The conference also brought a 24% increase in new members in the days following the conference.

Creating urgency with workshops

One strategy working well is structuring their new member campaigns around the launch of workshops.

“Building new workshops has been a key strategy in us releasing new content that allows us to really encourage new members to join the app every six to eight weeks,” says Courtney.

“It's our built-in way of always releasing new content and trying to attract new girls on a really consistent basis without ever feeling like we're saying the same thing over and over.”

This strategy has helped to bring new members into the app, building excitement around new workshops and exclusive content that goes beyond daily encouragement and social content.

“We recently launched a successful one called the Powerful Workshop which had six female authors and speakers, sharing their experience about body image from a biblical perspective. 1,600 people joined the workshop," says Courtney.

Rich member profiles and customized groups

With Mighty Pro, they’ve used the customization options to help members discover the right groups and workshops based on their stage in life.

“I love how you can make it so custom to your brand. It allows us to make groups private and build different experiences based on the seasons of life and demographics—one example that comes to mind is, connecting girls in high school in one group or college-aged women in different groups, helping them at different formative stages of their faith and life,” says Emma.

This immersive environment creates meaningful interactions between members.

“We had two girls in the app share with us how they went from complete strangers living 2,000 miles away to real-life best friends,” says Emma.

“They began chatting one-to-one in the app, then reading the Bible together, holding each other accountable in their faith, and finally Facetiming each other."

The two girls eventually were able to meet up at one of Sadie's events and now have grown into true friends.

"For us, this is such a beautiful experience and one that you don’t get by just following each other on Instagram and liking each other’s stuff.”

High retention & contribution

With their branded mobile and email notifications, they’ve achieved a high 70% member retention rate. Members get notified of new workshops, conversations with other members, as well as daily encouragement from Sadie, bringing them back again and again into the app.

They also have created a culture of contribution.

“We have a member contribution rate of 51% which means, women are not just consuming content, they’re able to contribute as well, allowing them to create friendships, speak up during a workshop, and deepening their faith alongside one another," says Emma.

Bringing ambassadors into the story

While Sadie is the founder of the LO sister app, the vision for the app is to create a true community, not a fan club. Creating an ambassador program has been key here, building the next generation of young leaders.

Their team selected 50 women from different backgrounds, cultures, age groups, and demographics, all united by their desire to represent the Live Original brand and live boldly with their faith.

“Having the ambassador program lightens our load a little bit because we got to this point, where it was challenging for a small team like ourselves to support all of the women within the app at the level that we'd hoped to. So, they provide different perspectives and voices that make the member experience more valuable,” says Emma.

While not required, they’ve also helped to fuel the organic discovery of the apps by sharing their experiences on Instagram, creating content and leading groups within the app, and demonstrating the transformation and growth they’ve achieved through the community and Sadie’s mentorship.

Looking forward

In the next year, their team plans to launch LO sister in-person retreats and bigger in-person events.

“We love having a digital space and community. But meeting with each other at in-person events and speaking and praying with thousands of friends, that’s Sadie’s true passion,” says Emma.

“The LO sister app connects us between those in-person events and gives more opportunities for members to hold each other accountable in their faith.”

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