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Integrating Your Business With Mighty Pro

Mighty Pro is packed with just about everything you need to bring your online business and community together for powerful results.

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by James Mulvey

Jul 30

Mighty Pro is packed with just about everything you need to bring your online business and community together for powerful results.

With Mighty Pro, you can process payments, offer free trials for memberships, connect with members using email and mobile notifications, and get advanced data about your member growth and retention with your Mighty Insights™ dashboard.

While we’ve created Mighty Pro to run your business powered by community, our sophisticated customers may have specific needs. For these cases, we offer a robust set of integrations and API solutions, uniting Mighty Pro with your existing systems.

This guide shows you what’s possible and how our technical integrations work.

How does Mighty Pro integrate with the technology you already use?

Integrating with your SSO and website experience

Some customers prefer to use Single Sign-On for their member login. With SSO, your members can log in to your Mighty Pro apps with your website or corporate credentials, creating a seamless experience for members between your website and Mighty Pro community.

The Benefits of Using SSO

  • Extend your existing programs. People with existing logins on your external website will now be able to access the community instantly via the methods above by signing in directly and using the same login information.

  • One consistent customer identity. Your members’ first and last name, email address, a unique ID for each member, profile photo, and bio can automatically be synced into Mighty Pro, creating a consistent identity across your website and Mighty Pro network.

  • Drive app downloads from existing members. When your Mighty Pro apps are live and you have SSO enabled, members can quickly get the link to download the app directly onto their phones. And with our “text me the app” feature, these members can instantly access your Mighty Pro apps after downloading from the app stores.

SSO in action:

Our customer TED already has a login flow on their website with millions of members and educators creating accounts to access different programs and offerings. They use SSO for their Mighty Pro Network, plugging their community and Mighty Pro apps into their existing membership and security infrastructure.

Their members can log in with their credentials and seamlessly move between the TED website and their Mighty Pro community to attend events, take courses, join discussions with similar members, and connect between the many in-person TED events—all with one secure login and without needing to create new credentials.

Is SSO right for your organization?

In our experience, SSO is best used when you have a large existing membership and already have your authentication infrastructure in place.

For example, you might have 10,000 members who access different programs with website credentials and you’re now offering courses, community, and live events within your Mighty Pro network as part of that overall offering.

If you don’t already require SSO to log in to other parts of your business, we recommend using Mighty Pro’s built-in login experience. Mighty Pro’s native login experience is secure, seamless, and ready to use without the extra technical integration and maintenance that SSO requires. In addition to using email, your members can sign in with their Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Apple accounts.

Integrating with your CRM and email systems

Most Mighty Pro customers use CRMs like Hubspot and external systems such as Keap® (fka Infusionsoft), ConvertKit, or Mailchimp. With our Zapier APIs, you can send member data,event data, course data, and more, triggering actions in your CRM or existing email systems.

  • Deliver a VIP experience for high-ticket memberships and courses. Integrate Mighty Pro with your email system and send personalized email sequences when new members join a course or group. Customers often use this integration for their coaching or high-ticket memberships, creating that premium and personalized experience when people join their community.

  • Enhance your CRM data. Refine your CRM data with active member data in Mighty Pro. You can sync your CRM and Mighty Pro member activity, helping predict churn patterns, identify upsell opportunities, and trigger emails to members or assign for your sales team’s outreach to your members.

  • Sell more memberships with LinkedIn lead form integrations. Extend invitations to your Mighty Pro network with LinkedIn Lead Gen form responses. You can also automatically invite members to your Mighty Network when leads are added in Salesforce.

CRM integration in action:

Let’s say your organization uses Hubspot as your CRM and you want to invite members with certain levels of engagement to be invited into your Mighty Pro community.

You can use our Zapier APIs to sync CRM and Mighty Pro member data, triggering automatic invites to Mighty Pro based on activity in your CRM. You can also use Mighty Insights™ to track cohorts of students’ progress against specific courses within Mighty Pro, exporting that data for custom analysis by your BI analyst teams.

Data ownership and exporting

To give you full control over your member data, Mighty Pro includes advanced analytics and flexible ways to export, analyze, and sync your member data into your existing systems.

We recommend starting with Mighty Insights,™ our advanced analytics solution that is included with Mighty Pro, as we’ve included a rich set of dashboards and metrics. This powerful tool is built on Google’s Looker platform, helping you connect, analyze, and visualize data from your members

Sync your member data with these workflows:

  • Connect Member Export lists with your CRM. You can use your Member Export lists to connect with your CRM and email campaigns you may want to run. This includes 30+ fields with valuable data about your members including location, activity, purchases, and more.

  • Automatically export into Google Sheets. Export data to Google Sheets and automate visualizations and weekly reports. Member data can be exported for future analysis, remarketing or re-capture campaigns, or market research.

Start with Mighty Insights™ export for custom analysis:

With Mighty Insights™, you have plenty of pre-built dashboards, export options, and advanced ways to understand your member and revenue data. We’ve reimagined what community analytics can be with cohort analysis at the course and group level, robust subscription metrics, and industry-standard benchmarks to light the path towards a thriving, self-growing community.

All of this data can be exported for custom analysis and integrated into your existing analytics or CRM systems.

We’ve created a Mighty Guide to show you what’s possible with Mighty Insights™ including three industry-standard metrics to start tracking right away.

Connecting Mighty Pro with your accounting and tax systems

Mighty Pro includes extensive ready-to-use payment options using Stripe as our payment processor. With our payment engine, you can charge for high-ticket courses, give members full control of their subscriptions, and integrate with your accounting and tax systems.

Everything you need to sell and manage your membership business

  • Seamless Stripe integration: We’re built on Stripe, giving you modern payment infrastructure without the headaches of any custom integrations. Your accounting team can use Stripe’s robust reporting features.

  • Mobile, modern, and high-converting: Members purchase different offerings right inside your Mighty Pro Network, manage their billing preferences, and purchase product bundles with instant access.

  • Instant revenue insights: All the financial, retention, churn, and membership data you need with beautiful dashboards right inside Mighty Insights.™ Plus, you can easily see how new tactics—like a new course—directly lifted membership revenue.

Integrating with your tax systems

Our integration with Quaderno helps you collect taxes automatically. We chose Quaderno as our partner because it’s a product you can rely on and is affordably priced. It integrates beautifully with your Stripe account and our Mighty Networks purchase flows on web. All iOS app purchases are directly collected and handled by Apple. We’ll coach you on how to apply for Apple’s SMB program for reduced transaction fees.

Mighty Pro’s Approach to APIs

Open APIs are awesome. But right now, we believe the #1 thing we can do to make our Hosts successful is to make our product even more awesome.

With our $50M Series B funding raise, we’ve drastically increased the size of our product team. Product innovation is our priority.

The consequence of this is that if we offered open APIs, it would require extensive engineering resources on your end. You’d need your engineers to maintain and fix broken APIs due to new product features. So for now, we’re opting to invest in the product before opening up our APIs.

Managing Open APIs and engineering resources

One of the major drawbacks of open APIs and extreme customization options is that the more the product improves, the more out of date your original integration becomes.

If you opt for a vendor that touts their APIs and custom integrations, you’ll likely require additional engineering resources to make adjustments, keep up with new product features, and often require extra expense in terms of ongoing technical services.

We’re focused on delivering most of what you need right into Mighty Pro, with a greater focus on creating a modern, immersive experience for your members on native mobile apps and web.

Request a call with an integration specialist

The best resource for understanding your integration options with Mighty Pro is a short 30-minute meeting with our team.

Book a call with us to dive into what’s possible with our member download lists, raw exports of data, exports with Mighty Insights™, and using Zapier to sync data between Mighty Pro and your existing systems.

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