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You’ve mastered the YouTube game. Now, unlock unstoppable community growth with your own beautifully branded iOS and Android apps.

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YouTubers use Mighty Pro to build incredible membership communities

Get Paid Directly From Members

Charge members any price you want, sell access to online communities, courses, and livestreams.

Get off the Content Treadmill

YouTubers spend only a few hours a week running massive paid communities with Mighty Pro. Your members don’t just consume, they contribute and teach each other.

Own Your Audience

This is your platform with 100% ownership and no algorithms, no trolls, or walls standing between you and your people.

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Mighty Serves Experts & Coaches

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Drew Binsky

Drew Binsky is an expert travel vlogger with 3.1M YouTube subscribers, 10M collective social followers, and 5 billion social views. After reaching his goal of traveling to 197 countries, he launched his app JUST GO on iOS and Android as his next big move.

Inside Drew’s branded apps members:


Attend travel meet-ups in major cities


Buy his travel hacking courses


Support his NFT travel token project


“I’m betting big on owning my own community and my JUST GO app has been a ton of fun to launch. We saw 20,000 members flood in, we’ve had crazy meet-ups with 400+ people, and we trended right away on the Apple App Store top 50 app rankings!”

Drew Binsky, Founder of JUST GO

Mighty Serves Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs

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Kula by Yoga With Adriene

With 10 million YouTube subscribers, Adriene Mishler is the world’s most influential yoga instructor. With her branded apps, Adriene turns fleeting YouTube subscribers into loyal community members—directly leading to new paid subscriptions and retention for her multi-million dollar OTT streaming business.

Inside Adriene’s branded apps members join:


30-day yoga journeys


Live classes and virtual yoga retreats


Member-led book clubs and groups


“Our growth took off when we launched our own apps. Our 220,000 member community directly supports retention and word-of-mouth growth for our multi-million dollar streaming and YouTube business.”

Sarah Bowman, Chief Operating Officer at Yoga With Adriene

5 reasons YouTubers choose Mighty Pro to launch their branded apps


No Algorithm

Your members can see everything that you post in linear feeds, sorted by topic. Everything you post, people see.


Stop The Content Grind

Step off the content treadmill and watch your community naturally grow. With a community, your people learn from each other and you play the role of Host, not content creator.


Way Higher Engagement

You’ll discover the secret: people pay attention to what they pay for. Most creators charge $40 per month, per member, which adds up quickly.


We Handle The Hard Stuff

We know you’re busy—adding a community isn’t going to drain your time. You get a fully stacked community team: world-class design services for your app listings, launch support, and technical experts on call.


It Can Scale Into Something Massive

Mighty Pro delivers everything you need to sell digital subscriptions & build a multi-million dollar membership business.

Why YouTubers are building communities with Mighty Pro

Why YouTubers need their own communities

For 10 years Matt Koval held senior creator roles at YouTube. Here’s why he joined Mighty as our SVP of Creators to help the next generation of creators build beyond the walls of big social platforms.

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Inside Yoga With Adriene’s multi-million dollar strategy

Take a look inside Yoga With Adriene’s multi-million dollar yoga video business, with a detailed look at why owning their own community has been the heart of their growth.

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Decoding Drew Binsky’s successful app launch

Drew has spectacular social reach with a combined 5 billion views across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Here’s how he launched his own community app, gaining 20K members instantly.

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Book your strategy call with Matt Koval

Matt Koval

Book your strategy call with Matt Koval

Book an informal call with our SVP of Creators Matt Koval to talk about your YouTube business. Matt joined Mighty Networks after spending 10 years at YouTube as their Head of Creators.

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