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Seamlessly sync with ConvertKit

Seamlessly sync with ConvertKit

With a Mighty Network, you’re choosing the first “nearly native” experience with ConvertKit.

Set up your branding and visuals once, then use your ConvertKit editor to pull in content from your Mighty Network to your emails.

A Mighty Network is different

A Mighty Network is part of a new breed of ‘unified member platforms’ designed to spark valuable connections between your subscribers.

As they move from subscribers to members, your community will run itself—freeing you up to do what you love.

What happens when your subscribers become members?

$48 is the average monthly membership price on a Mighty Network with just 25 members—and it’s $500 for a challenge or a course.

Why is it so much more than a newsletter?

Because of the value members are getting from each other.

Subscribers to Members

It’s RADICALLY easier to get started on Mighty

Mighty is more than software alone.

With Mighty Co-Host™, our AI community builder, we’ll help you set up and market your new community, challenges, courses, and memberships instantly.

You just have to answer one simple question.

ConvertKit creators get exclusive bonuses

Explore Mighty’s plans and pricing here, or get in touch about Mighty Pro and Path-to-Pro.

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