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Autopilot Website

What is an autopilot website?

An autopilot website is, theoretically, a website that takes no effort for the owner but brings in traffic and even income through automation. It would take advantage of search engine traffic (SEO) and ads or affiliate marketing to create income with almost no work for the owner. It could even have automated email sequences or product sales.

Although autopilot websites are a common dream, in reality, true autopilot websites are almost non-existent. In the first place, it would take a ton of work upfront to create content, a viable monetization model, opt-ins, email sequences, and more. But even once that work is done, the content will slip down Google’s rankings if it’s not updated. Advertisers or affiliates can also change their terms or their promotions, requiring you to update your site. Even your evergreen email sequences will go out of date eventually.

Since a true autopilot website is nearly impossible, it’s a better idea to use automation to minimize the effort required on your part and focus your energy on what will create the most value for your users over time. That’s what we’ve worked hard to enable here at Mighty Networks. The platform has a ton of automations like drip course content and post scheduling. Plus, the network effect means that, as your community grows, your members feed in and create lots of valuable content, saving you time.

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