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Mighty Encyclopedia

Content Community

What is a content community?

A content community is a group of people with common interests who come together for the purpose of creating, sharing, and consuming content.

Unlike communities that are built around the work of a single creator or influencer, content communities rely on the shared creativity of their members to thrive.

Because a content community needs user-generated content, the best content communities use platforms that allow members to engage with each others’ content through comments and likes. COMMUNITY is the operative word here, and no content community can succeed without members who are excited to make and consume content.

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The content itself can take different forms: video, images, writing, and more. It doesn’t really matter what the content is, as long as people love coming together and sharing it.

Content communities can live on or across social media platforms, but a social media platform isn’t inherently a content community. What’s important is the shared psychographic, the common interests and ideals that bind the content community together, regardless of the medium they use.

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Examples of content communities

ArtSnacks Mix- Brother and sister artists Lee and Sarah Rubenstein initially built an Instagram audience for their subscription boxes of art supplies. But they wanted to go further than that. They wanted to create a place where artists could share their works in progress and learn from each other.

Their answer was ArtSnacks Mix, a Mighty Network that feels like the “cool art room in high school.” (Read Their Story)

Sktchy Art School- It all started with an amazing social experiment, in which Jordan Melnick invited people to come to a live event and draw each other. When the experiment's popularity exploded around the globe, Sktchy Art School was born.

Jordan created a Mighty Network as a home for his expanding community to learn and share their work. (Read Jordan's Story)

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