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Mighty Encyclopedia

Customer Education

What is customer education?

Customer education is the process of teaching your customers about your product or service, and helping them to understand if it’s right for them and how they can get the most out of it. It can happen at any point in the customer journey, beginning long before the actual purchase and extending through their lifecycle with your brand.

Good customer education is a vital part of any customer engagement strategy. It uses a mixture of resources at your disposal, which could include your sales staff, your website, your social media feeds, and in-person interactions.

Why customer education is important

People usually buy a product or service because they want something; they have a pain point they need to resolve or something they’re excited about accomplishing. Customer education is important because it helps the people who use your product or service actually get that thing that they want.

Good education during a sales process can help potential customers decide if and why your product or service is right for them. After the sale, it can help them actually figure out how to use it, reducing the likelihood of getting stuck and abandoning the process. This translates into higher customer satisfaction and a lower churn rate for subscription or membership businesses.

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