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Mighty Encyclopedia

Online Community Engagement

What is online community engagement?

Community engagement is the level of interaction and activity within your online community by your members. It's the targeted work you do to draw your members in and help them form valuable connections with others in the community. Community engagement is vital for a thriving online community.

Why is community engagement important?

A community can't be built on the efforts of one person alone. If you want your online community to thrive and to help people achieve the thing they joined your community to achieve, you need to create community engagement.

It's a no-brainer. Because people love to connect! Being in a community is something humans crave. So by creating community engagement, you're not only helping your members achieve a goal. You're helping them do the thing humans love to do. That's the purpose of community engagement.

As a business owner, if you own an online community, great community engagement helps to lower membership churn. This means that community engagement will pay off on your bottom line too.

Here are a few important keys to great community engagement

  1. Build a community space that has a great user experience and lets your members connect. In choosing the right platform, you've taken the first step. (We think Mighty Networks is perfect for this. But, hey, why not try it for yourself and see?)

  2. Set clear ground rules for your members so that people feel safe enough to be vulnerable and share.

  3. Create a strong new member welcome experience to get new members' feet wet and help them get used to contributing.

  4. Get clear on who your Ideal Member is and create a great Community Design™ plan for how you'll help them achieve transformation.

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