Forum Name Generator

Our AI engine is here to help you create a forum name that feels like magic. Just share a few words about who you want in your community and we’ll get to work.

Examples: rookie vegan chefs, model train builders, millennials learning personal finance, etc.

The names generated by Mighty Co-Host™ are examples only and may be used by other businesses or subject to third-party rights. For more information, check our Terms.

What if a Forum Name Generator could build your community for you?

Meet Mighty Co-Host™, the first dynamic community builder powered by ChatGPT-4. Here's how it works:


Get new members excited to join with a community description


Choose from a set of name suggestions


Explore a potential brand identity you can always change later


Get new members excited to join with the Big Purpose formula


Choose from a set of name suggestions


Explore a potential brand identity you can always change later

What goes into a great forum name?

So how do you get your potential members to say, “Yes, this is for me!”... just from the name?

A great name needs to do 3 things. It should be:

Memorable—The more people can get your community name into their brains, the better chance they’ll come back! If you joined communities like the Slow AF Run Club or Flower Boss Academy, you’d probably remember the name!

Sharable—If people can easily share your server with others when you’re not around, you’ve got the recipe for growth!

Descriptive—Finally, a great forum name should tell you who it's for without needing much more info.

Mighty Co-Host™ will give you a ton of potential names for your online forum. Remember, not every suggestion will be perfect… But you can keep generating until you find one that is!

A Forum Name Generator is great. An AI forum builder is even better.

An online forum is a magical place, where discussions come to life and friends are made.

So imagine an online community forum that’s vibrant and exciting, so exciting that people will pay to be in it!

Chances are, that’s what you have in mind if you’re looking for a Forum Name Generator.

So the Forum Name Generator above will give you some fantastic ideas for what to call your online forum.

But what if it could go further? What if this generator could quickly and easily build your online forum for you in only a few seconds? What if it automatically created that engaging space you imagined with landing pages and branding done for you?

What if you could start inviting your first members in the next 10 minutes?

This is Mighty Co-Host™.

Co-Host™ takes an online forum name generator and mixes in Mighty’s principles of community design:

  • Using our proven formula to attract new forum members

  • Using a name that makes people say, “Yeah! I want in!”

  • Creating a brand FOR YOU (or giving you space to customize if you prefer)

Just fill in the details above in the online forum name generator, and our name engine will help you figure out your Big Purpose (That’s the WHO and WHY) and help you find an amazing name.

It’s more accurate than any other Forum Name Generator you’ve ever tried, and it’s built on ChatGPT-4.

Try it for yourself!

A New Kind of Community Builder

Mighty Co-Host™ uses ChatGPT-4 to take even the rawest idea you may have for creating a community, an online course, or a membership—and turns it into a clear, exciting way to talk about what you’re building with a Big Purpose, a choice of community names, and a potential brand identity you can always change later. What once took days or weeks to create and name a community will now take you just a few minutes.

step background


Big Purpose

Get new members excited to join with your community’s Big Purpose

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Community Name

Choose from community name suggestions

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Brand Identity

Explore a potential brand identity you can always change later

Why do you need a Big Purpose?

A Big Purpose is a must-have for any amazing forum community, and that’s why we’ve made it part of our Community Design™ process AND this generator.

A good Big Purpose does 3 things. It tells your members:

  • Who the community is for

  • What members will do together

  • The results and transformation members can expect from contributing

How about a brand for your forum?

Our community name generator is also a BRAND generator. Because a name is super important for a forum. But a name is only a smaller part of a bigger brand.

Old forum name generators just give you a name…

This generator builds you a brand… a visual identity that helps your community stand out from the crowd.

The final step in the Mighty Co-Host™ community name generator creates a brand identity for your new community. Taking your chosen Big Purpose and community name, it will generate a visual identity, tagline, landing page, invite message, welcome post, and more.

It’s fast and free to create a community with Mighty Co-Host™

Just tell us who you want to bring together and we’ll tap ChatGPT-4 to bring you the community of your dreams in minutes.

Who do you want to bring together?

Tell us who you want to bring together and we’ll get started with your new community name suggestions and more.

Examples: coaching clients, meditation novices, vegan chefs, dog lovers, aspiring entrepreneurs, etc.