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Mighty Encyclopedia

Community Website

What is a community website?

A community website is a standalone website that offers a destination for members of an online community to gather, communicate, and build relationships with each other. A community website stands in contrast to social media platforms where communities such as Facebook groups or subreddits exist as an integral part of a member’s social media experience.

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The primary benefit of a community website is a community leader’s opportunity to create their own cultural software, bringing together community, courses, content, and commerce, away from the distractions and challenges of social media platforms.

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Additionally, with a community website, it’s possible for the leader to charge for memberships, subscriptions, and online courses in a way that’s not an option on social media groups.

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What is a branded community website?

A branded community website is a type of community website that is associated with a particular brand, influencer, or company. A branded community website typically offers a community leader a more direct path to engaging and generating revenue from an online community than what’s possible on social media. Plus, with a branded community website the community leader also has complete access to member data and analytics.

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What do you need to build a community website?

In the past, you had to build a custom website to support a community website. Today, you can choose from one of a handful of software platforms that offer a community website. These community website builders offer templates that are specifically designed to host a community. Some charge on a subscription basis and others don’t.

It’s best to think carefully about what kind of website your community’s needs dictate and then find a builder that offers the features you need to best serve your members.

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What makes a good community website?

Good community websites give community leaders and their members a way for people to connect directly to each other. With these direct connections, a community leader can guide members to master something interesting or important to them with focus, deeper connections, and their own culture.

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