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Mighty Encyclopedia

Custom App Development

What is custom mobile app development?

Custom app development (sometimes referred to as custom mobile app development) describes the process of a developer building a native mobile app from scratch.

By creating a custom mobile app, you can decide for yourself how the app functions, what features it offers, and its general look and feel. And, in theory, having an established native app can help you differentiate yourself from the competition, establish credibility, and offer their followers a more seamless experience.

The end product of custom app development benefits users, too. An elegant, easy-to-use app, your audience — whether it’s social media followers or your community members — have access to your product at all times. They can check in during their commute, quickly ask questions when they need answers, or even browse when they’re just bored on their phone. In turn, their engagement increases your reach and the overall value of your brand.

How much does it cost to create a custom app?

There’s no way of getting around it: Custom app development is very expensive. Typically, it costs at least $300,000 and often goes up to over $1 million. And that’s just for the first version of the app on just one operating system.

That figure doesn’t include recurring costs after initial development, so when you want to fix bugs, make tweaks, and add in new features, the price will pile on. And in the end, the costs easily exceed most people’s budgets, especially those of solopreneurs, small business owners, and everyone else who is just getting started.

Custom app development is also extremely time-consuming, taking anywhere from 6 months to a year.

That means that custom app development is a huge investment—of both time and money—and can be risky to take on, especially with a developer that you’ve never worked with before.

What are the alternatives to custom app development?

The best and easiest alternative to custom app development is using a white label app solution. White label mobile apps are built by a third-party, and let you customize the experience with your own branding, content, and more.

If you’re looking for a white-label app for your community or courses, try Mighty Pro. We build beautiful, custom, responsive apps at a fraction of the price of custom app development.

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