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White Label Mobile Apps

What is a white label mobile app?

A white label mobile app is a “native” mobile application that runs directly on the Apple iOS or Google Android operating systems that is built by a third party but offered under your own brand. It’s available in the Apple App or Google Play Stores for people to download directly.

This type of white label mobile app is ideal for brands, businesses, and individuals who have a clear business reason for investing in the faster growth and deeper engagement offered by native mobile apps.

The features and branding options of a white label mobile app may be more limited than what’s possible when a brand or business hires a software development agency to build an app. However, the benefits of a white label app are speed to delivery and cost savings––a white label mobile app is typically 1/10th the cost of a custom software development project.

The reason a white label app is faster and less expensive to create is that the backend of the app—how it functions, its essential appearance or format—is already established. A brand, company, or individual (or the design firms they hire), can tweak the branding, visual design, and turn features on or off to fit their purpose, needs, or brand requirements.

Which companies make white label mobile apps?

Software platforms that offer white label apps tend to specialize in different functions, such as ecommerce, marketplaces, or communities. These white label app platforms are distinct in offering an established platform on which to build. They are not the thousands of custom software development firms that will create a native mobile app for you to your exact specifications.

In choosing a white label mobile app platform, you’ll want to be very clear on your goals and the type of app functionality you want to offer.

How much does it cost to create a white label mobile app?

The simplest white label mobile apps are web applications that live in native mobile app “container.” These typically cost hundreds of dollars per month to license and use, but are slower and less user-friendly. As soon as you move to native mobile apps that run directly on the operating systems of your phone, you’re likely to pay thousands of dollars per month or an annual license fee of $20,000-$50,000 per year.

This is still a fraction of the cost of custom development of mobile apps. Those typically cost a minimum of $300,000 and go up to over $1 million dollars.