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Mighty Encyclopedia

Social Tokens

What are social tokens?

Social tokens are a form of digital ownership, secured by blockchain, which allows for creators, influencers, and/or brands to monetize experiences or services; this ownership then becomes an asset that can be resold and may increase in value.

For example, if Janice has a social following and wants to create a membership community, she could sell a social token that gives certain rights (i.e. access to hangouts with Janice, live Q&A sessions, etc.). Janice can sell the social token, and the holder gets to access these benefits. However, that token can also be resold as an asset. Through a digital contract, Janice could even stipulate that she gets a percentage of the resale. This means that, if Janice’s brand grows, the benefits her social token provides can grow in value too.

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Social tokens vs. NFTs

Social tokens operate through the same concept as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), using blockchain to create a unique ownership model. The difference between social tokens and NFTs is that NFTs monetize a digital creation, while social tokens would be more appropriate to monetize the creator themselves. NFTs can be used to monetize digital goods, while social tokens can monetize services or experiences.

For example, a digital artist might choose to monetize their art through creating NFTs. But they might further monetize their personal brand through releasing a social token that gives the holder access to Q&A sessions or art lessons.

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Examples of Social Tokens

  • A membership community sells a social token that allows access, which can be resold if the community member decides to leave.

  • An influencer sells a social token that gives access to monthly private conversations with them.

  • A musician creates a social token that allows their fans to invest in their career and profit as their fame grows.

  • A college athlete, unable to be paid a salary, creates a social token to monetize their brand and give their fans perks.

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