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Digital Goods

What are digital goods?

Digital goods are commodities or products that exist in a digital form, something that can be sold and consumed online. They are different from digital services, since a service requires doing something for someone while a good is selling something to someone.

There isn’t a clear difference between a digital good and a digital product; the two terms are often used interchangeably. But a digital good might refer to something that has a physical counterpart–for example, a musical album or a video game–while the term digital product often refers to things that are created solely in digital form (like a course or an ebook).

Where can digital goods be sold?

Digital goods can be sold on online marketplace platforms like Amazon (e.g. an ebook or a movie). Often they are built into subscription monetization models, like Netflix or Disney+ (although in these cases you don’t own the digital good–you rent it).

For the individual creator or small entrepreneur, it’s common to find a platform to sell your digital goods; for example, Mighty Networks is a great option to build and sell courses on.

Others will choose to sell digital goods via their own website through a store of some kind. As long as you have a place where customers can find your goods, pay for them, and get access, you can sell them.

Examples of digital goods

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