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Our AI engine is here to help you create a Facebook Group name that feels like magic. Just share a few words about who you want in your community and we’ll get to work.

Examples: business bloggers, seniors who do yoga, personal finance pros in Chicago, etc.

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What if a Facebook Group Name Generator could build your community for you?

Meet Mighty Co-Host™, the first dynamic community builder powered by ChatGPT-4. Here's how it works:


Get new members excited to join with a community description


Choose from a set of name suggestions


Explore a potential brand identity you can always change later


Get new members excited to join with the Big Purpose formula


Choose from a set of name suggestions


Explore a potential brand identity you can always change later

What goes into a great Facebook Group name?

If you’re creating a Facebook Group–whether it’s for a small group of friends or for your business community–the name is important.

When we’re naming a community, we love to think about the three things to make it PERFECT! Here’s what they are:

Memorable—The name you choose for your Facebook Group should be easy to remember. After all, people should be able to find you again.

Sharable—You’re going to want other members to join. So a great Facebook Group name lets you easily add others into the mix! (And lets your group members share it.)

Descriptive—Finally, people coming into a Facebook Group need to be able to figure out what it’s about. So that should be easy to guess from the name!

Here are some awesome examples of community names that are pretty self-explanatory:

  • The Slow AF Run Club = Slow runners.

  • Flower Boss Academy = Florists who run five and six-figure businesses

  • The Storage Rebellion = Self-Storage owners.

But wait. What if a Facebook Group alternative could build your community automatically?

Before you build a group on Facebook, we’d love to tell you about Mighty Networks. Mighty brings community, courses, content, and commerce together and gives you the power to build a membership business.

Facebook Groups are a go-to community builder for a lot of people. After all, they’re free! But there are some real disadvantages to building on Facebook. You’ll fight with the algorithm for your members’ attention – everything from Grandma’s new boyfriend to funny cat videos. There are serious limits on the content and no real way to organize it.

And–probably worse–Facebook Groups doesn’t let you build a community-run business, selling memberships, courses, events, and more.

Imagine a community engine with all the power of a Facebook Group, but a ton more features. Things like:

  • Scheduling and hosting live events

  • Live streaming

  • Selling pre-recorded courses

  • Selling live courses

  • Chatting and messaging with members

  • Hosting discussions

  • Creating polls and questions

  • Using # and @ to organize your convos

Imagine creating a business that can sell memberships, courses, events, or bundling any of these things into packages. And you can sell in 135 different currencies, or even monetize with token-gating!

Oh yeah, and one more thing. Our AI community generator, Mighty Co-Host™, can automatically generate your community for you – a community so good you can charge for it and so well-designed it basically runs itself.

A New Kind of Community Builder

Mighty Co-Host™ uses ChatGPT-4 to take even the rawest idea you may have for creating a community, an online course, or a membership—and turns it into a clear, exciting way to talk about what you’re building with a Big Purpose, a choice of community names, and a potential brand identity you can always change later. What once took days or weeks to create and name a community will now take you just a few minutes.

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Big Purpose

Get new members excited to join with your community’s Big Purpose

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Community Name

Choose from community name suggestions

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Brand Identity

Explore a potential brand identity you can always change later

Ready for your Big Purpose

Every great community needs a Big Purpose. And a Facebook Group is no exception. As part of this process, we’ll help you find one.

Why do we make finding a Big Purpose part of this naming process? Why would we add it to a Facebook Group name generator? Well, we’ve seen thousands of communities, and we find that successful ones have these things in common.

Their Hosts and members have a clear idea of:

Who the community is for
What members will do together
The results and transformation members can expect from contributing

That’s what a Big Purpose is. In another time, it might have been called a mission statement.

Communities need purpose.

So whether you’re bringing together dads who knit, video makers looking to swap ideas, or an alumni community, there’s a purpose behind it. Get clear on what it is, and your community has a way higher chance of being successful.

How about branding your community?

If you’re using this Facebook name generator, it will take you beyond just name ideas. Using Mighty Co-Host™, our AI will suggest a brand too. If you like it, you can click through and our platform will automatically create it. And if you want to take the ideas and build on Facebook, that’s cool too.

A brand is an important part of helping your community members get a feel for the space.

It’s fast and free to create a community with Mighty Co-Host™

Just tell us who you want to bring together and we’ll tap ChatGPT-4 to bring you the community of your dreams in minutes.

Who do you want to bring together?

Tell us who you want to bring together and we’ll get started with your new community name suggestions and more.

Examples: coaching clients, meditation novices, vegan chefs, dog lovers, aspiring entrepreneurs, etc.