Mighty Networks GDPR Summary

Last updated: May 24, 2018

As part of our General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance effort, we are providing you with this summary of how you as a Member or Host can control how we collect, use and share your personal data.

Personal Information We Collect:

What, How, and Why, and How to Revoke Consent

The only information that Mighty Networks collects from Members for our own purposes is IP Address and mobile device ID. We need this information so that we and the companies that support our website and app know where to send responses to your page requests. We also use it to determine your general geographic location and make the name of your town visible to your fellow Network Members.

All other information is collected and used by us under instructions from Hosts. Hosts will have access to your name, email address, and all personal or contact information that you provide when you register for a Mighty Network, and all of your activity within that Host’s Network. In GDPR terminology, Hosts are the Data Controllers and Mighty Networks is a Data Processor. Pay close attention to whether each Network you join is Public, Private or Secret before your share any personal information. Please bear in mind that you register for each Network separately, and therefore have a separate account in each Network. Please also note that if you have integrated a Network account with Facebook or LinkedIn, we may share your account data with them.


What Personal InfoHowWhy
IP address, mobile device IDAutomaticallySo that we and the companies that support our services know where to send responses to your page requests.  And so that your fellow Network members know what city you are in
NameYou provide it when you register for a Network or enhance your profileTo identify you and share with Hosts and other Members of your Networks your real identity
Email addressYou provide it when you sign up for an accountSo that we can email you with Notifications (notices about activity in your Networks)
Phone numberYou may provide it when you register for a NetworkSo that we can sent you text message Notifications (notices about activity in your Network)
Payment detailsYou fill in blanksSo that our third party processor, Stripe, can process your payments to us, if any. We never have access to your credit card data
Geo-locationAutomatically, if your device settings allow itSo that your fellow Network members know what neighborhood you are in
Facebook or LinkedIn profileYou decide to integrate your Network profile with your Facebook or LinkedIn profileFor your convenience
Other information you share in your Network(s)You share as a comment or other contributionTo enrich the Network community experience


How to Revoke Consent:

Because each Member has a separate account for each Network, Members can revoke consent on a Network-by-Network basis. Here are the steps: (1) Log into your Mighty Network on your web browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.). (2) Click to your Profile Photo which is the top right circle icon (3) Click Your Settings (4) Choose Account. From there, you can navigate to the bottom of the menu and find the section: “To permanently delete your account, click here.”  Confirm you want to “Permanently Delete My Account.” You can also manage your Notification settings from Your Settings by clicking on Notifications.

Marketing Email:

Your Host(s) may want to send you email regarding topics they may think you would be interested in. If you have already opted in to this type of email, you can always opt-out by clicking on the opt-out notice at the bottom of the next message you receive from your Host.


If you are outside the U.S. or Canada, we are also now notifying you about the cookies placed on your device when you visit a Mighty Network, and obtaining your affirmative consent for visits to all Networks and our website when you click on “AGREE & DISMISS”. Then we will place an “opted-in” cookie in your browser so that you will not see the Cookie Notice again when you return using the same browser. If you change your mind, you can visit our Cookie Policy for instructions on how to revoke consent.


For more information, please see our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, or contact our Data Protection Officer at dpo@mightynetworks.com.