Looking for a Website Builder? Don’t Ignore Native Mobile Apps.

The promise of a website builder is a big one–it’s the main way you are going to deliver your brand to the world. So why is everyone ignoring the only platform that brings people back?

If you have read this far, you already know that while a traditional website builder is going to deliver to you a static (although beautiful) website, it’s just not enough.

A traditional website builder doesn’t offer: 

  • A community so your people have a reason to come back and engage with each other (so you don’t have to do all the work!).
  • Online courses so you can take people through a program or series of workshops that delivers to them results and transformation they’re not getting anywhere else. 
  • Sales pages or taking payments so that you can sell and deliver your community and courses together in one place–all under your brand. 

Yet, these are the core of a modern online brand. 

Even if you aren’t ready to launch each of these pieces today, you want the ability to quickly roll all of them out without needing to spend more time and money researching yet another platform when you’re ready to grow.  

That’s the power of a Mighty Network. 

Explore Your Own Native Mobile Apps

You can bring your community, online courses, and sales funnel together in one place under your own brand without the need for three or even four separate services (including a static website builder). 

But replacing your traditional website builder is only the first step. 

When you are serious about creating an online brand, you just can’t ignore native mobile apps. 

Why do I say that? Because the numbers don’t lie. Native mobile apps offer the only platform that creates a real habit among your members. 

Across Mighty Networks, 65% of ALL ENGAGEMENT happens on native mobile apps (both the Mighty Networks apps as well as our Hosts who have upgraded to get their own branded native mobile apps with Mighty Pro): 

Imagine what’s possible for you and your brand TODAY if you were to have 65% MORE engagement and faster growth than you have today? That’s what we’re talking about when we talk about native mobile apps.

So, how much more revenue could you be generating right now if you had your own native mobile apps? 

  • Could you deliver better results for your students and member? 
  • And if you could, what would 100 more amazing testimonials (and 5-star app reviews) do for your sales?
  • Could you grow faster? 
  • Could you raise your prices?

And today, the benefits of having your own native mobile apps are much closer than you think. 

Until recently, there was no equivalent of a website builder for native mobile apps. Where you could spend $18/month for a website, mobile represented a VERY different story. To get your own branded apps, you had to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars for an expensive, risky, and time consuming custom development project. 

It often ended in disaster with unmet expectations and a big bill. 

Which is why so many creators, founders, and entrepreneurs convinced themselves native mobile apps weren’t necessary to build an online business that people actually made a habit. 

The problem was it wasn’t true. Only brands that undertook custom development and powered through to get their own apps won. And they won big. 

But today, you don’t have to choose between a website builder or native mobile apps. 

You can have both. 

When you start on a Mighty Network, you and your members can download and come back to your community on the Mighty Network apps. 

Here’s what’s even better.

On a Mighty Network, you can always upgrade to get your own native mobile apps UNDER YOUR OWN BRAND. 

We call it Mighty Pro, and it’s objectively awesome. 

While it isn’t cheap, the return on an investment in Mighty Pro and choosing your own native mobile apps is extremely profitable very quickly. 

With your own native mobile apps: 

  • You stand out from the crowd
  • You can charge more
  • You will grow faster

Explore Your Own Native Mobile Apps