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Create communities, sell memberships, and grow your course sales

It's all possible on a Mighty Network. You'll own the community and your members can access it across every platform, under your own brand.

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“We generated over $100,000 in the first two weeks on our Mighty Network. 65% of our memberships are annual, and we’ve made over six figures from just one course. ”

Ashley Fox | The Wealth Builders Community

Ashley Fox

The Wealth Builders Community

Ashley's Fox Testimonial

What does it mean to choose the best community platform?

You can start with one thing and go from there

  • Want to create a community for your course? We've got you covered.

  • Ready to bring your social media followers together in your own space? Perfect.

  • How about hosting weekly events as your entry point? That works.

  • Prefer to start with livestreaming? We've got that too.

The best community platform lets you start where it feels natural and easy.

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testimony for insights

I knew I had to make the switch to Mighty when I saw how it would help me build the kind of community I wanted—and do it all on one platform.

Zak Foster | The Quilty Nook

Gain insights
Gain insights

53% of creators earning revenue with a Mighty Network have Less Than 8k followers.

Scroll to the bottom for more insights!

You have access to insights and data you can't get anywhere else

Only Mighty has data from hundreds of thousands of thriving communities cultivated over the past five years.

That’s how we know things like the optimal price to charge for a monthly membership, or how much content you really need to build your first online course.

We share these learnings with you and more through Mighty Community and Mighty Insights™, the deep analytics and benchmarking you get with Mighty.

It's great not to have to fight against an algorithm. Being able to curate a community where I have a hundred percent share of voice is a luxury.

Aliza Licht | Leave Your Mark

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It's a magical experience at 30 or 300,000 members

When a community is working, you know it. It's active and exciting, and people are connected in the right way. Your content and members really shine.

This magic happens on a Mighty Network quickly, with just a handful of members.

But it scales to up to 300,000 members or more with our proprietary Mighty Effect™ technology that personalizes the experience of each member with their most relevant topics, groups, courses, and other members.

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Our community gives our members something to look forward to every single day.

Curt Malcom | Deeper Than the Brand

You have the power of Community Design™ on your side

Community Design™ is the fastest, easiest framework for online community building—backed by a decade of data and expertise.

We teach it in our Community Design™ Accelerator, and graduates leave with everything you need to create a community so valuable you can charge for it.

This isn’t just watching videos—it’s a live course with events, office hours, activities, and tailored feedback, all held in a community that keeps you motivated and quickly moving towards your goal.

Preview the Community Design™ Accelerator

Community Design™ changed everything for me. With its teachings, I turned Slow AF Run Club into a six-figure business, book deal, and sponsorship with Adidas.

Martinus Evans | Slow AF Run Club

Martinus Testimony for Mighty Community

You can join Mighty Community to experience the best in action

We bring it all together in our own Mighty Network where you can see the principles of Community Design™ come alive, every day.




It's where:

  • You’ll get inspired to finally charge for membership or launch that next course.

  • You’ll learn exactly how to put your plan into motion, with resources, workshops, and live office hours to support you.

  • You’ll discover how successful creators made it happen (and slide into their DMs with a question).

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Benjamin Testimony for Mighty Community

Mighty Networks is a breath of fresh air compared to other platforms that are overwhelming with distraction.

Benjamin Warsinske | Bricks & Brands

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GREAT! You have an idea for a community that needs to exist in the world!

Define your Big Purpose

This is the motivation for your community and Community Design™ offers a simple, proven way to make it clear, concise, and awesome.

Pick An Ideal Member

The fastest way to succeed in designing a thriving community? Get really clear on who needs your community the most right now. We'll show you how.

Get your Community Design™ Plan

Your Community Design™ Plan is the easiest way to set your members up to meet the right people, get results, and do things they didn’t think were possible.

Experiment, have fun, and let your members inspire you

With your Community Design™ Plan in place, now sit back and have fun. Your community will become the single most energizing place you spend your time.

Ready to get started?
Here's a Mighty Map to show you just how easy a community can be

Check out the key steps you'll use with Community Design™ to create the simplest, cleanest, and most engaging community for you and your members.

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Moving a community to Mighty? We've got you covered.

We've helped tens of thousands of people move a community, courses, and memberships to Mighty.

And 97% say they’d do it all again! Get free resources and expertly-written scripts to help you make the move.

Get the Resources

Bonus: we're spilling secrets

To celebrate making it to the bottom of the page, we've got a gift for you.

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Tweet it out to flex your newfound knowledge, and send a signal that you're at the beginning of something great.

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What should I charge for a paid membership?


$40/month is The average price for successful memberships on mighty.

you can charge more than you think.

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How much money could I realistically earn from a community?


It's totally reasonable to assume you can make $1,000/month with just 30 members.

That's not a typo :-)

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How much content do I need to launch a community?


with A COmpelling “big Purpose,” you can succeed with just 2x posts PER week.


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If I move My community from Discord or facebook, how many people will follow me?


When moving, Expect 30% OF YOUR most passionate Members to follow you in the first 30 days.

It's a great foundation!

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The best communities deserve the best community platform

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