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Mighty Encyclopedia

Web Based Training

What is web-based training?

Web-based training is the delivery of an educational experience over the internet–whether the learning is done live (synchronous) or is pre-made (asynchronous). It can use different content delivery methods, like video, text, live instruction, or even games to help students stay engaged. Good web-based training is created with the principles of instructional design in mind, including clear learning goals and a well-defined process of teaching the necessary information.

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You’ll find web-based training all over the internet, from the numerous online course platforms to the colleges now offering their degrees online. Virtual learning is becoming big business, and since the world market for online education is projected to hit $350 billion by 2025, it’s here to stay.

The corporate world has adopted web-based training too since it gives them the flexibility to educate their employees at scale. For example, thousands of people could theoretically complete a pre-recorded training module, which would previously have to be done live in small groups in different branches of the company at different times.

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If you’re thinking about creating your own web-based training, we’ve built a fantastic platform that lets you form a community around your training, plus builds beautiful, interactive courses that can be taught live or pre-recorded.

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Web-based training examples

  • A company has all new employees complete a DE&I training online

  • An online course platform offers thousands of upskilling courses for its monthly users

  • A Mighty Network Host creates a course live for their existing members and then offers the recorded version to every new member

  • A college incorporates 6 online courses into its undergraduate program

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