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How to Build an Online Course Without Coding

No-code technology has made it incredibly easy to build an online course. Let us show you how.

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Online courses have blown up in popularity over the last few years and it’s all thanks to no-code platforms.

Today, it’s easier than ever for creators to build an online course without coding. And that’s opened up a world of possibilities for people around the world. When the barrier of entry is so low, all that’s stopping someone from building an online course is knowing where and how to start.

Ahead, we’re exploring why no-code technology is changing the way online courses are delivered, and how you can create an online course without coding.

What is no-code technology?

No-code technology is software that allows creators to build things like online courses, membership sites, websites without doing any of the coding.

The features and functionality of the software are prebuilt by talented developers that simplify the normal processes of web development into easy-to-use tools that anyone can utilize.

Online course features are hard to design and take a lot of trial and error to get right. In the past, this process was not only time-consuming but also very expensive.

But today, there are quite a few platforms on the market that allow creators to build an online course without coding. These options are awesome because they allow more people access to creating courses. They also cut down on the costs of getting started.

So, now that we have the basics of no-code technology out of the way, let’s explore online course platforms and how you can get started building an online course without coding.

Why are online course platforms so great?

Online course platforms are great because no-code technology allows creators to build courses with many features and options without writing a single line of code.

Let that soak in for a moment.

On an online course platform, you can get robust, tested tools that work seamlessly with the platform, and all of the hard programming work is already done for you. Why is this so valuable? Because it allows you to focus on what’s important: creating amazing content and a great experience for your online course members.

In addition to those benefits, the best online course platforms will always be innovating on their tools and features. As your aspirations grow, so too does your access to new and exciting options to try on your courses.

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Three steps for building an online course without coding

Now that we’ve discussed the basics around no-code technology and online course platforms, it’s time that we break down how you can create an online course without coding. We’ve broken it down into 3 steps.

1. Planning your online course

So, if you’re planning on taking the plunge into the world of online courses, our first point of advice would be to take a good amount of time to plan your course. This might seem obvious, but many creators just starting out underestimate how many online courses there are on the market.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when starting to plan your course:

  • What makes your perspective on your online course unique?

  • What can you offer people that they can’t get anywhere else?

  • What do my prospective members struggle to learn on their own?

Creating an online course without coding is more than simply putting the components in the right order. A big part of online teaching is understanding what makes your course stand out from the rest and anticipating the problems, successes, and questions your members will have along their journey toward success.

In addition to planning the content you want to create for your course, you’ll also want to research different course monetization strategies. There is no perfect answer for how you’d like to make money off of your course, but a good rule of thumb is that if you are helping people achieve something they couldn’t on their own, then you can charge for that.

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2. Choosing an online course platform

The next step toward creating an online course without coding is actually choosing a platform to build your course on. Given the growing popularity of online courses, there are a number of options on the market for no-code online course platforms, but they all have their pros and cons

Our biggest belief is that the online course platform you use should give you more than what you’re expecting and it should be available everywhere, on every device. The best modern online course platforms will be easy to use, have a robust set of features for you to design content and interact with your members.

But what should you really be looking for in a no-code online course platform? Here are some features that we think are an absolute must:

  • A dedicated native mobile app experience that is available across web, iOS, and Android devices. This will allow your online course members to engage with your content no matter where they are.

  • Robust features: Discussion boards, small groups, livestreaming, recorded video, polls, surveys, and more.

  • A plethora of ways to monetize your content: tiered pricing, gated content, paid membership and subscriptions are all great options.

If this list should tell you anything it’s that creating an online course without coding isn’t a compromise. You should be able to create awesome content for your online courses and it should be available everywhere your members want to access it.

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3. Launching your online course

Once you’ve picked your online course platform, it’s time to implement your plans and actually create your no-code online course. If you’ve chosen Mighty Networks as your online course platform, then your experience will be easy, quick, and scalable.

If you have a dedicated audience for your brand already then make sure to let them know what you’ve been building. But it’s completely okay if you’re just starting out.

We are believers that a great first step for every creator is actually talking to people in your life first. These people will be your biggest supporters and can help you accumulate the people you need for your first online course. From there, as more people engage with your content and take your course, they will tell others and it creates a domino effect.

Bonus step: Experiment!

If you’re building an online course without coding then you already have the benefit of how easy it is to create and deploy content. Use this to your advantage! Building online courses isn’t an easy task and we can assure you that you won’t get everything correct right out of the gate.

That’s completely okay.

The best content creators are willing to get a little weird with their content if something isn’t working and to be comfortable with trying new things. There’s no surefire way for launching online courses, but one thing will always remain true: asking your audience for their thoughts will allow you to create the best content.

Mighty Networks is the best place to build your online courses

No-code technology has made it easy for anyone interested in building an online course to do so.  It all comes down to the online course platform you utilize to bring your ideas to fruition. And the best place for you to create an online course without coding is Mighty Networks.

We started back in 2017 and have come to define what online community and course platforms can be. In fact, we’re the only platform on the market that will allow you to create online courses, host virtual events, and build paid community spaces all under one roof. No coding required. Oh, and our platform contains a robust native mobile app that is available across web, iOS, and Android devices. Sounds great, right?

Our platform is constantly growing and innovating with new features and experiences for creators to offer their members. Best of all, we try to make as many of those innovations native to our platform as possible.

So now comes the fun part, actually creating an online course without coding. We can’t wait to see what you build.

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