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How to Build an Online Course Without Coding (9 Steps)

No-code technology has made it incredibly easy to build an online course. Let us show you how.

By Phillip Russell

February 17, 2024

10 min read



    Lisa League is a certified interior designer. She knew first-hand what it was like to write the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) exam. Although a rite of passage for designers, she also knew that it was HARD and many didn’t make the cut.

    So she decided to launch an online cohort course and community, QPractice, to help other starting designers ace the test. With QPractice Study Group, built with Mighty Networks’ no-code technology, she built a thriving business.

    Online courses have blown up in popularity over the last few years and it’s all thanks to no-code platforms. And Lisa’s story shows that there are still plenty of niche topics and pursuits that deserve a great course.

    Since e-learning is projected to hit $1 trillion in annual revenue by 2030, maybe it’s time for you to join in too!

    In this article, we’re going to introduce you to the no-code revolution, and show you how you can build an online course without coding – today! – without hiring a developer.

    This is your guide to creating an online course and giving it to the world – no coding required.

    If you want more support in building your online course and community, come join OUR Mighty Community for free and meet other new and established community owners! We’d love to meet you. Join for free!


    What is no-code technology?

    No-code technology is software that allows creators to build things like online courses, membership sites, and websites without doing any of the coding. It’s fast, easy, and accessible, giving your beautiful results.

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Livestream Paired Light

    Basically, a no-code solution means that the features and functionality of a software are prebuilt by talented developers that simplify the normal processes of development into easy-to-use tools that anyone can figure out.

    In the past, building an online course was time-consuming and very expensive.

    But these options are awesome because they allow more people access to creating courses. They also cut down on the costs of getting started.

    So, quit searching for developers on Upwork and Fiverr, stop stressing about mobile capability and expensive gear, and let us show you how to do it the easy way!

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    9 steps for building an online course without coding

    Now that we’ve discussed the basics around no-code technology and online course platforms, it’s time that we break down how you can create an online course without coding.

    Step 1: Start with your story

    So, if you’re planning on taking the plunge into the world of online courses, let’s talk about what’s going to make your course successful – especially in an age of MANY online courses to choose from.

    The answer is… your story. Every time. When you figure out the unique angle and voice you have to bring to your audience, you’re on your way to creating a great course. So quit trying to sound like Amy Porterfield or Gary Vee, and look inside to find what gives YOU a unique take.

    Here are a few questions to ask yourself when starting to plan your course:

    • What makes your perspective on your online course unique?

    • What can you offer people that they can’t get anywhere else?

    • What do my prospective members struggle to learn on their own?

    Identify a problem you can solve in a unique way or a skill you have that you could teach.

    Step 2: Find your Ideal Member

    Every course is made for an Ideal Student. If someone were to ask you, “Who is this for?” The correct answer shouldn’t be, “Everyone.”

    For many teachers, the Ideal Student is the person you were a few years ago. If you’re an experienced marketer teaching a beginners online marketing class, you’re speaking to someone you understand – you were once them.

    This is a powerful starting point for finding your Ideal Member.

    One thing we’ve realized over the years is that finding your Ideal Member should be about guesswork. Just because you think there’s a market for something, doesn’t mean it’s there.

    So here’s our suggestion. Try interviewing some of your potential Ideal Members – say 20-30. It sounds like a lot of work, but it will pay off BIG TIME in having a course that people actually will BUY.

    Listen to their stories and their pain points. Ask them how they like to learn and what their goals are.

    We have a full training on finding your Ideal Member in our Mighty Community – and it’s totally FREE to join. Come check it out.

    ideal member- member growth

    Step 3: Clarify your Big Purpose

    Over the years, our founder Gina Bianchini has come up with a great way to think about the vision for an online course or community. We call it, your Big Purpose.

    Your Big Purpose is the transformation your course members will go through. It’s the journey and the destination. Once you’ve interviewed your Ideal Members, you should be in the perfect place to articulate your Big Purpose Statement.

    It looks like this…

    Big Purpose- New Image

    *Psst. We also have a free training from Gina on creating your Big Purpose breakthrough in – you guessed it – our Mighty Community. *

    Step 4: Choose your platform

    The next step toward creating an online course without coding is actually choosing a course platform to build on. Given the growing popularity of online courses, there are a number of options on the market for no-code online course platforms, but they all have their pros and cons.

    So here’s a secret to figuring out what’s right for you. The online course platform you use should give you more than what you’re expecting and it should be available everywhere, on every device. The best modern online course platforms will be easy to use, and have a robust set of features for you to design content and interact with your members.

    This is what we’ve built at Mighty, and here are some of the AWESOME features we’ve created to help you build either an asynchronous or synchronous course – your call:

    • Intuitive course builder

    • Live streaming

    • A ton of content options – from video to text

    • Quizzes and polls

    • Community platform + dedicated course community

    • Native mobile apps for every device

    • Built-in live events + RSVPs & Zoom integration

    • Gated content

    • Pricing and membership options (sell the course, community membership, or bundles)

    • Sell in 135 currencies around the world & token-gating

    • Easy checkout and SSL

    • Customized course landing pages

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Courses Paired Dark

    If this list should tell you anything it’s that creating an online course without coding isn’t a compromise. You should be able to create awesome content for your online courses and it should be available everywhere your members want to access it.

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    Step 5: Sort out your business model

    There are a literal crap ton of ways to monetize a course…

    • From free courses that sell affiliates

    • To including a course with a paid community membership

    • To selling a asynchronous course on your website

    • To selling on a course marketplace (AKA the way you don’t make money)

    • To selling a course and having members pay upfront

    Figuring out the right business model can take some time and experimentation, so don’t sweat it. You’ll get there. And you can always adapt.

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Courses and live streaming - Galaxy DAO

    Step 6: Sell the course

    Okay, the steps actually get a little fuzzy here – but it’s for a good reason! The exact order will depend on how you sell your course. If you choose a cohort course, for example, you’ll need to sell first and get members to show up. If you choose an asynchronous course, you might be doing the recording now and then selling it after.

    But here’s a ninja-level pro tip: Consider preselling the course. You’ve already got a bunch of Ideal Members you talked to. Hopefully, some of them are interested in what you’re building.

    It’s so easy for people to say, “Yeah I’d love to take that course.” But it doesn’t mean they’ll put their money where their mouth is.

    Preselling the course, whether it’s by inviting people to join a cohort, to get first access to an asynchronous course, or even charging for an online membership community and building the course once you have a critical mass means you’re not wasting your time and effort building something people don’t want.

    Preselling is the ultimate way to validate an idea. And if you struggle to presell it, try evolving the idea until you can.

    If you want to go deeper, we’ve got lots more resources on course monetization strategies. There is no perfect answer for how you’d like to make money off of your course, but a good rule of thumb is that if you are helping people achieve something they couldn’t on their own, then you can charge for that.

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    Step 7: Build and deliver the course

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Body Soul Livestream Paired Light

    Let’s talk about building a course that packs a kerpow! (And don’t forget to read our post on How to Structure an Online Course.)

    Your course doesn’t need to be an info dump of everything you know. It doesn’t need 67 perfectly designed slides or sexy sweep laser transitions.

    So here’s what it needs: exactly the material that will get your members the transformation they want. Don’t sell information. Sell transformation. It’s the recipe for a great course.

    One awesome way to do this is with live demonstrations, step-by-step instructions, and lots of sharing and discussions.

    Get your members to transformation, and they’ll NEVER complain that your course didn’t have elevator music playing in the background – trust us.

    Pro tip: Let’s talk gear REALLY quick. You don’t need a fancy video camera. A smartphone or webcam works great. Try to sit facing a window and it will light you up nicely. It’s worth investing $20-$50 in a decent mic – since sound quality is really important in online courses. But most headsets will do a decent job too– just make sure you have a mic close to your mouth.

    Step 8: Nurture your community

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Members Paired Dark

    Once you built the course, even if you delivered it live, you can let it live in your Mighty Network. The course platform is great for that, and will give it to your members on-demand.

    But don’t stop there! Now is the time to nurture your community. Asynchronous courses notoriously have terrible completion rates – but when you mix a community with your course, adding in connection, help, and accountability, the completion rates go through the roof!

    So build your community. Post a few times a week and/or consider a live event once in a while.

    This community will help your course members succeed, and in turn, will produce raving fans.

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Galaxy DAO Chat Paired Dark

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    Step 9: Learn and adapt

    The best content creators are willing to get a little weird with their content if something isn’t working and to be comfortable with trying new things. There’s no one way for launching online courses, but one thing will always remain true: asking your audience for their thoughts will allow you to create the best content.

    Make sure to survey them. Find out what worked and what didn’t.

    You can use the polls feature in your Mighty Networks, or a third-party survey service if you want more in-depth and completely anonymous info.

    Don’t forget that you can also check the analytics on your Mighty Network as well – which will give you a COMPLETELY unbiased view. You can see things like how often people are logging on or how far people got in the course.


    Ready to start?

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Live streaming

    No-code technology has made it easy for anyone interested in building an online course to do so. It all comes down to the online course platform you use to bring your ideas to fruition. And the best place for you to create an online course without coding is Mighty Networks.

    Mighty's flexible Spaces let you create online courses, host virtual events, and build paid memberships all under one roof. No coding required. Oh, and our platform contains a robust native mobile app that is available across web, iOS, and Android devices. Sounds great, right?

    So now comes the fun part, actually creating an online course without coding. We can’t wait to see what you build.

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