Tribe vs. Mighty Networks

Online community platforms are revolutionizing how creators build their businesses. We’re comparing two popular options.

Many creators, entrepreneurs, and brands have realized just how important community is for powering their businesses. And now, thanks to online community platforms, there are a plethora of options for easily building an online community.

Two major players in the online community platform field are Tribe and Mighty Networks. Both platforms provide solutions for creators looking to create thriving online communities, extend their content’s reach, and grow their brand. This is all thanks to the powerful features and functionality that online community platforms provide.

Still, it can be hard to know which platform is right for your business. Ahead, we’re comparing Tribe vs. Mighty Networks. But first, let’s define what an online community platform is.

What is an online community platform?

An online community platform is a software solution that gives creators powerful tools to build online communities. These platforms have the functionality to design awesome community spaces for a group of people around a theme, topic, or idea.

Online communities continue to grow in popularity as more and more people have become used to connecting with others online. These community platforms have helped create an analogous experience to more traditional in-person communities. At the end of the day, communities, both in-person and online, are all about people coming together around a shared interest and work to achieve a common goal.

But online communities have a plethora of benefits that in-person ones don’t. One of the biggest benefits is that they are much more accessible to a wider range of people, and they make it much easier to scale your business’s growth.

When it comes to comparing Mighty Networks vs. Tribe, it will all come down to a few important criteria that differentiate the two platforms. Let’s look at what those criteria are and why they are crucial to consider in your choice.

Tribe vs. Mighty Networks: Who are they?

Before we can compare Tribe vs. Mighty Networks it’s important to understand some background information about these two online community platforms.


Tribe is a white-label community platform for businesses. They believe that community is an integral part of any successful business venture. Tribe primarily works as a community solution for big-name corporations instead of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Members can use Tribe to ask questions, start discussions, share content, participate in polls, and more on both a company’s website and their own native mobile apps.

Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is a SaaS platform that enables creators, brands, and coaches to build online businesses powered by community. The platform lets creators bring together a community, online courses, their content, and more all together in one place. On top of that, it’s all under your own brand and domain name, instantly available across web, iOS, and Android.

Not only does a Mighty Network allow you to publish a range of content to jumpstart conversations within your community, but creators can divide their community or membership into groups and subgroups and monetize both their community and content in a plethora of ways.

Now that we’ve explored what these two platforms are all about, let’s talk about the criteria for how we’ll judge Tribe vs. Mighty Networks.

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Tribe vs. Mighty Networks: Judgement criteria

There are a number of ways one could compare Mighty Networks vs. Tribe. We’ve pinpointed three criteria that are great for figuring out which platform is best for your needs.

We focused the criteria around whether the platform gives creators many tools to work with, multiple monetization methods, and the ability to access your community across web and mobile. Our top three criteria are:

  • Customization and features. Online community platforms are great for singular creators with personal businesses or corporate-level brands. Why? Because these platforms have prebuilt powerful features and tools for creators to manage and customize their online community spaces. When you have a wide range of options at your disposal, you can create many different ways to share information, connect your members together, and more. Other features that you might value are the ability to create an online course, paid membership, polls, Q&As, member profiles, and recorded and live video.

  • Monetization options. If you’re planning on utilizing an online community platform for your business, then you’ll want powerful options for you to make money off your content and community. Additionally, it’s important to have many different avenues for our members to potentially pay for your content. That could be through a paid subscription, an online course, a virtual event, or even gated content. The frequency in which you charge (one-time, monthly, or annual) is another important factor to consider, and the best modern community platforms have those options ready to go. Most importantly, the transactions should be seamless for your members.

  • Mobile app experience. Your online community should be available to you and your members no matter where you are, across web, iOS, and Android devices. When your community is more easily available, your members will stick around longer and participate more often.

Now that we’ve set up the judgment criteria for our comparison of Tribe vs. Mighty Networks, it’s time to dive into how these two stack up. Ahead, we’re breaking down which of these community platforms is right for you and your business.

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Tribe vs. Mighty Networks: Customization and features

When it comes to building an online community, having a variety of customization options to design an experience that’s right for your members is important. On top of that, the different kinds of features that your platform allows will help you create exciting new content and experiences that your members can’t get anywhere else.


If you build an online community on Tribe, you will have a wide range of options for customizing how your community looks and feels. They emphasize the importance of building a white-label solution for creators that morphs to their needs.

A key aspect of Tribe is their feature “Spaces” which allows creators to utilize flexible containers to structure their community. Your community can utilize a custom domain, and you’ll have access to analytics, moderation tools, and a reliable search bar. Other features that are being worked on, but not included yet, are interactive discussion apps, Google Analytics, and more.

Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks knocks it out of the park when it comes to customization. We believe that the best platforms will allow you to experiment with the types of content and experiences you offer.

The great thing about Mighty Networks is that it is not just an online community platform. You can also create online courses and paid memberships. The platform has a powerful website builder so you can build a community space that utilizes your brand assets and can be tweaked to fit your style.

Mighty Networks provides many other tools:

  • Anyone in the community can create posts on discussion boards.

  • You can post live and recorded videos, images, and audio clips.

  • You can have subgroups, member profiles, and paid memberships.

  • Create polls, quizzes, and surveys.

  • Utilize an “activity feed” feature makes it easy for members to keep track of all the awesome content you’re providing.

The winner: When comparing Mighty Networks vs. Tribe in regards to their different customization options and features, Mighty Networks edges out Tribe. Mighty Networks has been around longer in the online community space and it shows: The platform has invested a lot into developing many native features for creators to utilize and experiment with. Tribe has some great ideas in mind, but many of them are still to come.

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Tribe vs. Mighty Networks: Monetization

Another important criterion to consider between Tribe vs. Mighty Networks is your ability to monetize your online community and other content. When you have multiple ways to monetize your work, you will have more revenue options and your members will have more ways to pay you for your hard work.


Currently, Tribe doesn’t offer its users many ways to monetize their communities. This is largely due to the fact that they’ve relied primarily on integrations for their platform. There isn’t a way to natively charge for subscriptions or memberships on Tribe, so you’ll have to use a service like Zapier if you want to charge a membership fee.

Mighty Networks

Creating a thriving online community is no easy task, and in turn, creators should be compensated for their time and work. On a Mighty Network, there are many different ways that you can plan how to monetize your community and content.

The platform allows for the ability to charge paid subscriptions and memberships which can be billed as a one-time, monthly, or annual fee. Additionally, if you create online courses or host virtual events, you can charge a fee for those as well. Many creators have found success with this model, especially thanks to the ability to charge for high ticket courses.

The winner: Between Mighty Networks vs. Tribe, Mighty Networks is the clear winner in terms of monetization. On Tribe, creators are forced to use an integration in order to charge for any kind of content or membership. This isn’t the end of the world, but their platform isn’t fully equipped to deal with a quickly growing business. A Mighty Network not only provides many different ways to monetize your business, but it does so with ease.

Tribe vs. Mighty Networks: Availability

An important aspect of many online communities is their availability to members. Choosing an online community platform that is available across web, iOS, and Android devices is a great way to spur more interaction with and between your members.


Unfortunately, Tribe doesn’t currently support a mobile app, although it is available through mobile web. It is a long asked for feature on the platform but hasn’t been implemented. This means that you can’t create the most optimized community experience for your members who predominantly use mobile devices.

Mighty Networks

A key feature of the Mighty Networks platform is the ability to access your online community, courses, and events no matter where you and your members are.

A Mighty Network is available across the web and via the Mighty Networks app on iOS and Android devices. When you upgrade to Mighty Pro, you can even have your own white-label branded app in the App Store and Google Play Store. That means your app will have your personal branding across push notifications, your app icon, and of course within your community.

The winner: On Mighty Networks, there are simply more ways to make your online community and business available thanks to the platform being available across web, iOS, and Android devices.

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Mighty Networks is the best online community platform

So, that was a lot of information to go over, thanks for sticking with us. After walking through the criteria for Mighty Networks vs. Tribe, it’s pretty clear that Mighty Networks is the winner.

Mighty Networks has been revolutionizing the online community space since 2017 and continues to innovate. On our platform, your business can expand into new territories such as online courses, online communities, and even hosting virtual events. We’ve built a much better experience on a Mighty Network than what you’ll get at Tribe.

Better yet, all of our features work across the web, iOS, and Android which gives your members more flexibility and accessibility to how they interact with each other and your content.

Sounds pretty great, yeah? Check us out!

Let’s start building your community!

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