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Here’s the Best Community Management Software for 2024

The right community management tools can help you work smarter, not harder. Here’s how to choose which is for you + the top contenders in the space.

By Mighty Team

November 14, 2023

10 min read



    Managing your community doesn’t have to be complicated.

    You don’t have to cobble together a variety of online community management tools to create your virtual community and keep up with it. Robust community management software will simplify your community business and grow as you do.

    In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the best community management software available today, drawing from the annual rankings from the tech site, G2. But first, we’ll define what community management software is and tell you what to look for when choosing some.

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    What is community management software?

    Community management software provides tools to create, host, and manage an online community for a creator, business, or brand. Community management software contains both member-facing and admin functions, letting you simultaneously organize the business side of your community while creating content and/or experiences for members. Most online community management software also allows for user-generated content, so that you can host conversations and build community between members.

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    What to look for in community management software

    There’s a new crop of community management software options that give their users the most essential online community management tools in one place, enabling you to better sow the seeds for a thriving community.

    The best of these options have a few features in common. To make the most of your growing community, you’re looking for community management software that allows for:

    • Building content: Both you and your members should have a place to create amazing content in whatever way they want.

    • Flexible engagement tools: A forum alone could be considered community management software, but the best software allows for multiple styles of engagement: live events, live streaming, forums, chat & messaging, courses, and more.

    • Organizational power: Subgroups, different plans, tailored experiences based on interests-- Your members won't all need the same thing. The right community membership software lets you handle this.

    • Member management: A community is made up of members who will have profiles, posts, a location, and different interests. Member management tools are a must.

    • Monetization: Built in point of sales, marketing, landing pages, and other business features are a must for any paid community. You should be able to sell paid memberships, mastermind groups, or online course content.

    • Analytics: Finally, having detailed community analytics about what's working and what isn't gives you the power to grow your community business.

    • AI Tools: This is a bonus, but having powerful AI tools to streamline your community management can boost your human interactions and experiences (without replacing them).

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    The names generated by Mighty Co-Host™ are examples only and may be used by other businesses or subject to third-party rights. For more information, check our Terms.

    What community management software does

    We checked G2, one of the top software-ranking platforms for what they look for when ranking community software. Here are some of the main things:

    • Community management platforms function primarily to create a digital space for people (community members) to engage in productive discussion... community members are able to share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns.

    • Products in the Community Management Platforms category allow for constructive dialogue that can lead to a significant increase in employee and customer engagement. As a result, mature communities are able to address support issues, measure satisfaction, and ultimately build stronger relationships with community members.

    • Community management platforms are used across several industries to support specific business goals–their features can be specialized to focus on one aspect of community (Q and A, ideation, or link sharing) or more complex, hierarchical platforms (multi-tiered advocacy programs).

    • Community management platforms integrate with website builders and web content management programs so community members can seamlessly interact within a brand’s online community or website. These platforms also integrate with help desk programs, which can provide community members with FAQ, Q and A tools, and minor troubleshooting solutions.

    There are several community management platforms that offer one or more of the above features.

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    Mighty Networks - Challenge Fam - Feed Paired Dark

    7 Community management software picks

    1. Mighty Networks

    Ranked the #1 community management software by G2

    Mighty Networks is a cultural software platform that gives you a powerful all-in-one community management tool. It offers an intuitive, interactive platform, elegant and responsive courses, and a ton of other goodies built in.

    With a Mighty Network, you build customizable Spaces for your community, and in each Space you can deliver a mix of community, membership subscriptions, online courses, live streaming, events, and more, all under your own brand. And your own Mighty Network will be instantly available on the web, plus iOS and Android devices.

    Mighty - Dynamic Spaces GIF

    Mighty Networks was ranked the #1 community management software this year by the software ranking site G2.

    Mighty has an overall customer satisfaction score of 90 – the highest of any community management software and had the highest market presence, scoring 88 on the ease of use, 87 on the ease of admin, and 91 on ease of doing business with.

    G2- Mighty Networks

    Here’s what else a Mighty Network offers:

    Community-building features

    • Activity feed with tons of content options

    • Customizable Spaces

    • Direct & group messaging

    • Livestreaming

    • Courses

    • Integrated events (+1-click Zoom scheduling)

    • Native apps

    Monetization features

    • Charge for membership (main group or subgroups)

    • Sell courses, memberships, events (and create bundles)

    • Sell in 135 currencies or use token-gating

    • Create annual, monthly, or 1-time payments

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    Mighty Networks gives you the tools to offer and sell online courses, mastermind groups, and more.

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Discovery Course

    Mighty is one of the only community management software platforms that gives you a comprehensive set of community-building tools plus detailed analytics.

    Finally, Mighty Co-Host™ gives you an AI community engine that can create landing pages, start discussions, and help automate community management jobs. AND Mighty comes with a ConvertKit integration for email.

    Here’s what people are saying:

    “Lots of useful functionality, i.e. creating events with automated Zoom links. Easy to start conversations with group members, whether through private chat or public conversation -- love the option of creating polls to get people engaged. Helpful to be able to send an automated email notification to remind folks to open up the page. Good design with just enough possibility for customization! All in all, it's been a brilliant alternative to Facebook groups. I love it.”

    “Mighty Networks is for sure the best community platform I've used for my group coaching programs. I've used Facebook, and then Kajabi, and Mighty Networks not only provides by far the most engagement, but my clients love that it's hosted on its own app on their phones. They don't have to spend so much time on Facebook or remember to go on Kajabi (because the notifications remind them to get onto Mighty Networks and engage in the community). It's really a great site – I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to create a paid community.”

    No matter how you choose to structure and customize your community, your Mighty Network will always be available both on the web and via mobile apps on iOS and Android devices.

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Incubator

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    2. Mighty Pro

    G2's top-rated community management software on your app

    SEO Image - Pro

    What do you get when you mix the top-rated community management software with an awesome white-label app builder? Mighty Pro.

    Mighty Pro deploys community management software with a beautiful, intuitive app that's built with you. This means YOUR app and icon in the App Store and Google Play Store.

    Pro- Journey

    You'll also work with a team of Account Executives and Community Strategists both before and after launch, and receive ongoing VIP support with proactive upgrades and analytics.

    Mighty Pro has built community management apps for TED, Cambridge University, Jim Kwik, and more.

    Possible with pro desktop

    And we'll handle migration from your existing coaching platform (if applicable). Schedule a call and we'll show you what we could build together!

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    3. Hivebrite

    hivebrite member management

    Hivebrite is a community management software solution catered to alumni networking.

    It offers communities of alumni a variety of ways to get in touch with each other, and stay in touch. It has features like a branded mobile app with push and in-app notifications; an active job board for employment opportunities; and dedicated subgroups where members can find and connect with fellow members with similar goals.

    G2 ranks Hivebrite with an overall score of 72 for 2022, with a 73 for customer satisfaction. It’s strongest when it comes to its forum function or even organizing in-person events. Compared to Mighty Networks, it’s missing some key features like hosting live digital events, like virtual conferences, live Q&A sessions, or even live group coaching sessions.

    Hivebrite community

    G2 hivebrite rankings

    4. Vanilla Forums

    Vanilla Forums Community

    Vanilla Forums is an online community management software that helps big brands add a community to their existing website. Its main community management tool is an interactive forum, which helps customers get in touch with the company to ask questions.

    G2 ranks Vanilla Forums with an overall score of 64. While it's strong as a forum, Vanilla is missing many of the tools that are becoming common in a community solution, like a dedicated mobile app, the option to add courses, sell memberships, and more.

    G2 Vanilla Forums

    However, Vanilla Forums does well as a simple forum, giving its members the methods to publish content, form both public and private subgroups, and post questions and polls.

    5. Bettermode

    Tribe- screenshot

    Bettermode (formerly Tribe) is a white-label community platform that businesses can use to add a community to their website. In the forum, discussions can be organized into different “spaces” members can join, and they can also create their own profile. In many ways Bettermode is similar to Vanilla Forums. But with the option to add a native mobile app to the company’s app, it’s a stronger competitor.

    Bettermode is the #3 ranked community management software on G2, with a score of 79, ranking highest for customer engagement, its all-in-one dashboard, and the ability to customize surveys.

    G2- Tribe

    6. Discourse


    Discourse is another forum software that lets its users create a community centered around a discussion board, with simple engagement and organization features. G2 ranks Discourse as the 9th best community management software, with an overall score of 60.

    G2 - Discourse

    Discourse advertises its code as “free,” and it is posted on GitHub, but you’d need to pay for hosting of some sort and have the knowledge to install it. This means that most people would be stuck hiring a developer and probably paying more than for many of the alternatives on this list. Discourse also has limited video options and no capability to host events or courses.

    Discourse is probably best for those with a high level of coding knowledge or the willingness to hire someone to achieve a near-custom build.

    7. Wild Apricot

    Graphics - Wild Apricot

    Wild Apricot is community management software that’s built for non-profits and associations, giving them tools to build member databases and reach their people, collect membership fees and dues, create their own websites, and run live events.

    Members of the main purchasing organization can also use Wild Apricot to create sub-websites with a custom, drag and drop tool. This would be useful, as an example, for regional chapters of a national association.

    Wild Apricot also integrates with many other systems a company might be using, with a robust email platform and useful analytics options.

    G2 ranks Wild Apricot with a score of 40, with a customer satisfaction score of 26.

    G2- Wild Apricot

    8. Memberium

    Memberium is a WordPress membership plugin that lets its users add a basic membership function to their WordPress website.

    With features like creating online courses, gating premium WordPress content for members only, and integrating with other LMS plugins like LearnDash, Memberium is a good option for those with a WordPress site who don’t want to switch to an all-in-one community management software.

    G2 ranks Memberium with a total score of 29.

    Ready to start building?

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Courses and live streaming - Galaxy DAO

    With a Mighty Network, there’s no need to pick and choose online community management tools from different places. 

    You’ll get all of the best community management tools you need to create a vibrant community and structure it in a way that fits both your needs and the needs of your members. Plus, a Mighty Network also gives you the potential to reach all of your people and monetize your community with memberships, subscriptions, and online courses, available on every device: the web, iOS, and Android.

    This is your chance to not only deliver amazing results to your members, but to work smarter, not harder, on the community that will get them there. 

    Ready to start building your community?

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