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Why You Need a Branded Community App in 2024

Creating a branded community app can bring your business to the next level. Let us help you get started.

By Mighty Team

April 21, 2023

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    Fostering a thriving community is one of the most important aspects of keeping a brand alive. And a great way to keep your people’s attention is by creating a branded community app.

    Right now, creators around the world are tapping into the benefits of using modern community platforms to build websites and grow their communities.

    But when you’re ready to take your brand to new heights, it can be challenging to know what you should do next. We believe that creating a branded community app is a great way to grow your community and gain more control over your business.

    Ahead, we’ll explore what makes a thriving online community, why community growth stagnates, and how a branded community app can improve your business.


    What makes an online community thrive?

    Online communities are powerful because they bring together a group of like-minded people around a common goal or idea no matter where they are in the world.

    When you build a community around your brand, you’re cultivating a group of people who will vouch for the quality of your product. You can’t underestimate how powerful it is to hear how great your brand is from people who’ve actually used it.

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Courses and live streaming - Galaxy DAOMighty Networks - Graphics - Courses and live streaming - Galaxy DAO

    When you build a branded community app, you offer your members a place to commune together, share their perspectives, and support each other. That’s an indispensable benefit.

    But let’s break this down a bit further. We’ve been helping creators build online communities for a long time and have learned that there are a few aspects all great communities have. Let’s take a look at them below:

    • A clear purpose for the community. When you take the time to clearly articulate why members are coming together, they will be more likely to stick around. What do we mean by this? We mean that communities thrive when everyone knows why they are together and how they can achieve their goals.

    • A diverse range of content. When you create different kinds of content for your community members they are more likely to interact with it. Why? Because people like to have new experiences and see new things. If you’re willing to experiment with how you engage with your community, they will be more likely to respond. If you mainly use discussion posts, try to make a video! If you’ve never used an interactive post like a poll or survey, see what happens if you do.

    • Check-in with your people.  Do you know what can really boost the morale of your community? Asking your members how they are doing. This is a great way to hear opinions from the community. Anything from what they’d like to see more of to what isn’t vibing with them. The best community hosts take the time to understand their members’ wants and desires and make sure that their voices are heard.

    That doesn’t sound too bad, right? If it’s still unclear why you should create a branded community app, let’s unpack how else an app can elevate your brand.

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    Choose a software platform to build your branded community app

    When you choose to build a branded community app with white label community software, you’re saving yourself a lot of time and money.

    One of the main reasons so many creators lag behind on building their own community app is that developing one takes a lot of resources. On average, companies that have built their own branded community apps spend over $200,000 on development costs on top of the turnaround time taking 6-12 months minimum. If you opt for true custom app development instead of a white-label mobile app, you’ll be waiting around for a long time to develop your app.

    And the truth that many creators don’t want to acknowledge is that with such a long development cycle, by the time the app is ready, you’re already thinking of new and better ways to do it. White label community platforms have done the hard work for you when it comes to app development.

    But now that we’ve gotten the hard numbers out of the way, how about we look at some of the benefits you unlock when you choose a software platform to build a branded community app.

    Benefits of creating a branded community app

    Mighty Networks - Challenge Fam - Feed Paired DarkMighty Networks - Challenge Fam - Feed Paired Dark

    There are many benefits to using a branded community app to grow your online community. We’ve picked a few different options that we believe will be impactful for you and your community’s growth.

    Your own club

    When you have a branded community app, your members will have their own special club to hang out in. And do you know what clubs have? Special handshakes! Who doesn’t like that?

    Okay, maybe we got a little ahead of ourselves. You don’t need a handshake for your online community…

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Members Paired DarkMighty Networks - Graphics - Members Paired Dark

    Anyway, remember what we said earlier? An online community is a group of like-minded people brought together around a big purpose. That means each time a new member joins your community, they’re adding additional value to the network of people you’re cultivating. And it’s much easier to access your community when you have your own branded community app.

    A branded community app will also give your members the most seamless experience for interacting with your content. The more clicks that it takes to get to your community, the more likely it is that people will end up going somewhere else.

    The network that you’re building when you choose a branded community app also has a less obvious advantage too. Instead of members getting notifications about your community from a place like Facebook, a branded community app will have your own branded graphics, notifications, and more.

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    Less distractions = more interactions

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Community - Curriculum hubMighty Networks - Graphics - Community - Curriculum hub

    Do you know what one of the biggest roadblocks to community growth is online? Distractions. You know what we mean, it’s almost impossible these days to keep your attention on one thing while surfing the internet.

    In fact, social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are designed specifically to keep our minds jumping to the next thing.

    When you create a branded community app, you’re taking away many of the distractions from your members. And when there are fewer distractions, that will mean more interactions. Instead of visiting your group page on a major social network and quickly getting whisked away to the next thing to catch their attention, a branded app is like entering a secluded space.

    Your members will be able to better focus on your content and community goals when you’ve created a space that is exclusively for just that.

    More privacy and control

    Something that many online community creators will face as their member base grows is issues with privacy and security.

    When you utilize popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, your group is open to a wide range of people. This can be good, but it can also have many downsides. It means more trolls, and people who are trying to join your community for the wrong reasons.

    When you choose an online community platform that allows you to build a branded community app, you’ll gain more control over your community’s privacy. Why? Because you’ll have more control over who knows about your community, where they are coming from, and more.

    More privacy isn’t only a great feature for you as a host either. When members know that your community is secluded and secure, they will be more comfortable sharing their own experiences and opinions with the group.

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    People love it when you’re everywhere

    Mighty Networks - Graphics - Livestream Paired LightMighty Networks - Graphics - Livestream Paired Light

    Do you know what people love? When they are able to access your brand no matter where they are at the time. When you have a branded community app, you’re unlocking that availability for your members.

    On top of that, when you have your own branded app in the various app stores on the market like the App Store and Google Play Store that will get more new eyes on your community.

    It shouldn’t matter if your potential members are browsing the web at home, swiping away on the subway, or lounging outside with their tablet. Additionally, having your brand accessible while people are on the go actually opens things up to be more creative with content strategy. Sure, maybe someone on the subway won’t have time to read a long article, but they might be more willing to take a survey, quiz, or poll.

    Not everyone has a computer, many people use phones and tablets as their main way to interact with online communities. When you build a branded community app you’re making it easier for these people to join your brand ecosystem.

    When members can access your community anywhere, they are more likely to check-in and see what’s up. Plus, you’re able to provide a unified vision for what your brand is all about.

    Mighty Pro is the best place to build a branded community app

    We believe that the best way to grow your community is to choose a platform with powerful community building tools.

    Mighty Networks is a leader in the world of online community building and has numerous tools for you to experiment with to create a thriving community, offer paid memberships, and design online courses. You also get a powerful website builder that gives you the tools you need to deliver your awesome content.

    When you choose our premium service, Mighty Pro, you’re building a brand that’s always with your people. With Mighty Pro, you get all of the features offered with Mighty Networks in addition to a white-label branded app. That means, your app has your brand icon, you can deliver branded push notifications, events, and more. Best of all, you can launch your community app in as little as three weeks!

    When you choose Mighty Pro, you’ll be able to offer all of these pieces together under your own brand, instantly available on web, iOS, and Android. Don’t underestimate the power of your members being able to access your brand wherever they are.

    We’ve made it to the end of the article, so that means it’s time to get started building the community app for the brand you’ve been dreaming about.

    Schedule a call with us and we’ll show you what you can do!

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