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How to Build a No-Code Membership Site (5 Steps)

Creating a no-code membership site is a simple and effective way to build an online community for your business.

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We are living during a time where it’s never been easier for creators to create digital avenues for their businesses. This is all thanks to the power that no-code development has opened up to anyone without a background in programming.

And if you’re a creator looking to expand the digital aspects of your business, then you probably have community building on your mind. Building a membership site without coding is incredibly simple, and we have some tips to help you get started.

Ahead, we’re exploring what no-code development is and how it can help you create an awesome community space for your business.

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In this article...

What is a no-code platform?

A no-code platform is a software development platform that gives creators the ability to build and deploy their own apps, websites, membership sites, and more without writing any code.

So many people are talking about no-code these days because the implications of allowing people who don’t have programming skills to design their own apps and websites is huge. In the past, creators had to spend lots of money paying developers to create bespoke websites and functionality for their needs.

Today, there are many platforms where you can build a no-code membership site all on your own. And most importantly, these platforms will save you money and a lot of time spent in the painstaking process of building all of your tools from scratch.

So, how can you use no-code technology to build a membership site? Let’s break down the benefits of online community platforms.

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The benefits of online community platforms

Online community platforms are the simplest way to build a membership site without coding because they give you the tools and functionality you need right out of the box.

In the past, if you wanted to create a membership site, not only would you need to create an actual website, but you also would have to spend many months building and testing the feature you wanted to include. None of these things were as simple as flipping a switch or checking a box.

But with a community platform, it is that easy.


Using a community platform to build a membership site without coding is great because all of the tools you’ll want are there for you already, tested, and known to work seamlessly on the platform.

The best modern community platforms will give you more than what you’re looking for so that you can expand your business as you get more comfortable with community management. How might you expand, you ask? Here are some features that we love:

These features are only the tip of the iceberg, but give you an idea of just how powerful no-code technology can be for taking your business to new heights. Now, let’s explore how you can get started building a no-code membership site.

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5 Essential steps for creating a no-code membership site

Ahead, we’re going to break down the five essential steps for building a membership site without coding. And we’re starting from the beginning planning phases and taking you all the way to launching your community and telling the whole world about what you’ve built.

1. Find your Big Purpose

It’s great that you’re interested in building a community for your business. But before you jump into the deep end, it’s important to know why you’re getting started in the first place. A great first step is to nail down what your community is all about and what exactly it is that you’re bringing people together to accomplish.

We like to call this your community’s “Big Purpose.” It’s basically the personal motivation behind your community and the impact you want it to have on the world around you. The power of your community comes from you bringing together people to master something together.

If you’re curious how you might get started identifying what the Big Purpose behind your community is, here’s a short exercise:

Once you’ve nailed down your Big Purpose, then the next step is clearly defining who your ideal members are.

2. Who are your Ideal Members?

The next step toward building a membership site without coding is defining who your audience is for your community. Regardless of whether you’ve had an online business for a long time or if you’re just starting out, it’s important to think deeply about who your community is for.

We like to think of this as narrowing down who your Ideal Members are. These people are the ones who will be most enthusiastic about your membership site and will benefit the most from the value you’ll be providing them when they join.

A great way to figure out who your Ideal Members are is actually, well, talking to people! Conducting some informal interviews with people who you think might be interested in your community is a great way to figure out what your audience is looking to achieve, what they are struggling with, and what will get them the most excited.

Once you’ve figured out your Big Purpose and your ideal members, now it’s time to choose your online community platform.

3. Choose your online community platform

As we stated earlier, there has never been a better time to start a membership site and it’s all thanks to no-code technology. Online community platforms have designed robust tools and features for creators to build membership sites from scratch without the need to code anything.

If you’ve done any digging into the community platform landscape, then you’ve probably come to learn that there are plenty of platforms out there to choose from. But Mighty Networks is the best community platform on the market. Why? Because we give creators more options than any other platform.

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Let’s take a look at some of the awesome things you can do on our platform. And remember, everything listed can be implemented without knowing a single line of code:

  • A robust website builder.

  • Membership applications and member profiles.

  • An activity feed, so you and your members can always stay up to date on what’s happening on your membership site.

  • Downloadable analytics for member data.

  • Automated payments.

  • Online courses.

  • Hosting virtual events.

These are all features that you can implement when building a no-code membership site on Mighty Networks.

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4. Solidify your business plan

After you’ve gotten to work creating your no-code membership site, you’ll want to nail down what your plans are for monetizing it.

When you create a no-code membership site, you’re providing your members something valuable that they can’t attain anywhere else. This means that you should be charging for what you offer your members.


There isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula for monetizing your membership site. But the good news is that implementing payment methods on your site is incredibly simple with a no-code framework.

There are two great options you can try when you build a no-code membership site:

Charge a flat fee.

A simple and easy way to go about monetizing your membership site is by charging a flat fee for what you offer. This is an easy avenue to go because all your members have to do is sign up for your membership site and they are good to go with monthly recurring payments. It also lessens the work of figuring out what to offer members. Everyone gets the same content and pays the same price.

Utilize tiered pricing.

Another possibility you can try is a tiered pricing model for your membership site.

This is certainly more complicated than a flat fee, but it has benefits of its own as well. While everyone who joins your membership site will have a few central motivations in common, your members aren’t a monolith. Each person will have their own needs, desires, and goals, and providing options can be a great way to address these differences.

You could charge a flat rate for a membership to your community and then charge additional fees for things like virtual events, mastermind groups, and online courses. Or you could have different levels of memberships that unlock different kinds of exclusive content.

5. Let everybody know about your membership site

The best part about creating a no-code membership site is launching it and showing the world what you’ve been working on.

Sometimes it might feel a bit awkward or uncomfortable to hype up the things you’re working on, but it’s worth it. Tell your friends and family, let your pre-existing following know (if you have a business somewhere else already), and don’t stress too much about social media.

Once you gain your initial members who are all about the content and experiences you’re delivering, your site will surely grow as they tell the world about your community.

Mighty Networks is the best place to build your membership site


So we’ve explored in-depth the benefits of no-code and how you can build a membership site without coding. Not so bad, right?

Mighty Networks is the only no-code platform that will give you everything you need under one roof: memberships, online courses, content, and community all under your brand, and instantly available on every device.

When you choose a Mighty Network, you’re investing in a platform that’s designed to grow with you and will always keep ease of use in mind. We believe that communities have the power to make the world a better place, and because of that, it’s important to have the tools to bring people together available to everyone.

We deliver more value to creators at a fraction of the cost, and as your membership site grows, so too does the value of your community. So let us help you build a no-code membership site you’re proud of.

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