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9 Awesome Gumroad Alternatives to Sell Your Creations (2023)

If you’re building amazing products or memberships and looking for a place to sell them, these 9 alternatives to Gumroad have something for everyone!

Gumroad has gained a reputation in the creator economy as a place to sell stuff.

That’s the great thing about Gumroad, that you can sell pretty much anything. And people are using it to sell a ton of unconventional products.

What’s the downside of Gumroad? Well, it's that you can sell pretty much anything.

Gumroad works great for what it does. It markets itself as a place where you can sell physical products, digital products, coaching, memberships, and more. Its case study section has examples of people selling stuff like blog posts, Notion templates, and art. Pretty much anything you want to sell, you can, with Gumroad taking a cut of your sales for their troubles.

But because it's made to be a jack of all trades, it's missing a lot of features of specialized platforms that have built expertise in selling specific things.

In this article, we're going to give you some alternatives to Gumroad. We'll focus on showing you exactly what each alternative is for, and give you the best option for things like selling a virtual product, memberships, or physical products.

Ready? Let’s go!

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In this article...

1. Mighty Networks

Best all-in-one community membership and course builder

If your goal is to sell a membership of some sort, Mighty Networks is the best alternative to Gumroad. Ranked as the number one community management software by G2, Mighty Networks is a powerful community engine that gives you an amazing space to bring members together.

Starting from $33/mo, your Mighty Network comes with customizable Spaces that can blend a built-in community forum, member profiles, chat and messaging, custom discovery sections, native live streaming and video, plus event and Zoom integration. For selling memberships, you can choose different pricing tiers or bundles, or choose to create different subgroups you can also charge for.

Mighty Networks - Graphics - Courses and live streaming - Galaxy DAO

For example, a coach might choose to sell memberships to a community but then upsell to a subgroup for a premium mastermind.

Mighty Networks isn’t just a better membership option than Gumroad though. The Business Plan also comes with an intuitive course builder that lets you add and sell awesome live or pre-made online courses. Here are the features you get with a Mighty Network:

  • Community forums

  • Customized discovery feed

  • Member profiles

  • Individual and group messaging

  • Live streaming

  • New member custom journeys

  • Live events & Zoom integration

  • SSO

  • Bundles + tiered pricing

  • Charge for community access, subgroups, courses, and more.

  • Charge in your home currency

  • Add amazing courses

  • Apps for every device

Mighty Networks is a far better option for memberships and/or courses because it’s built for them. Don’t take our word for it, come try it free for 14 days!

Start Your Free Trial

Mighty Networks - Graphics - Body Soul Livestream Paired Light

*Mighty Networks also gives a creator a better monetization system. Although Gumroad advertises itself as “free,” which is attractive, often creators will pay much more on a percentage-based platform. For example, if you sold 20 memberships at $45 each, earning you $900 dollars, Gumroad would take 9% = $81. The same membership sales on a Mighty Network would cost you only your $33/mo fee. If you sold $9,000 in courses on Gumroad, your fee would be 7%, or $630 – on a Mighty Network, your $9,000 in course sales would only cost you a $99 network fee. When platforms take a percentage of your earnings, you ultimately become a victim of your own success – you save money if you don’t make any, and if you’re successful they’ll charge you tons. *

2. Patreon

Another one of the Gumroad alternatives worth mentioning is Patreon. Patreon is a platform for creators to monetize a following with. It’s best known for its patronage model – in which patrons can commit to supporting a creator they love. This meant that you could monetize anything on Patreon, as long as you can find enough people willing to support you.

Over time, Patreon has evolved to include more than just donations though. Creators can set up tiered levels for supporters with rewards for each level. Often these rewards are things like appearances in an art project, extra content, time with the creator, or merch. There are a lot of different ways to be successful on Patreon.


The real downside to Patreon is similar to Gumroad’s. When the platform charges you a percentage of your sales, you pay little as long as you don’t make much. With up to 12% of the money you earn going to Patreon, the more you make the more it will cost you.

That being said, Patreon is flexible, letting you choose-your-own-adventure for monetization, and people know it. It’s a good alternative to Gumroad.

Patreon features

  • Hosted creator page

  • Communication tools

  • Membership tiers

  • Special offer tools

  • Merch options

  • App integrations

3. Teachable

If you’re looking for a course-only Gumroad alternative, Teachable is a good option. While Mighty Networks comes with powerful community and membership features, letting you build courses with live streaming and hosting live events, Teachable is built for hosting a standalone, asynchronous course you can build and forget.

Teachable course image

Teachable has the options to create and edit your course, build landing pages, and add quizzes. When it comes to monetizing and selling your courses, you can choose different payment tiers and content bundles, and Teachable even has an affiliate program builder so you can enlist others to sell your course for you. You can appoint members into leadership roles and pay them for it, giving you a bit of flexibility in growing your business. Finally, Teachable gives you some analytics to help you make decisions about what’s working and what’s not.

One downside to Teachable is that its app is only for iOS, which means that any Android users won’t be able to access it. Between the lack of app access and the limited community features, Teachable is for the creator who wants to create a standalone, web-only course.

4. Shopify

If you’re looking for an alternative to Gumroad for selling physical goods, Shopify is a great option. It gives you the tools to easily set up an online store, starting with proven templates from the landing page and moving through getting your site up, your products online, and money in your pocket.

Shopify Dawn Template

It’s easy to use, and Shopify literally specializes in e-Commerce, meaning you’re getting a better, more proven platform than Gumroad that’s specialized in selling products.

From $38/mo, Shopify gives you an online store, unlimited products, sales channels, discount codes, abandoned cart recovery, and even gift cards – not to mention their proven point of sale.

It’s the best Gumroad alternative for physical products.

5. Skillshare

Skillshare is a different model for selling a course; it’s a course marketplace as opposed to a dedicated sales platform. This means that it’s got millions of users looking for courses, which is great! However, it also means they aren’t going to buy your course directly – they’ll get access to it as part of one membership fee.

Skillshare can be a really good Gumroad alternative for course creators who are trying to make a name for themselves. If you have a course you want to teach but don’t have much of a following, Skillshare can help you get discovered – especially if you can find a great niche that has some demand but not a lot of courses yet.

You can upload and share your courses, and Skillshare will let users rate them. Each course can also have a dedicated project section where your students can share what they’re working on – which is fun!

The issue with Skillshare as a Gumroad alternative is that it’s hard to make money. Skillshare’s monetization works by dividing up part of its profits among creators based on watch time. It can be tricky for new creators to get started. But for a course in the right niche, it can be a good option to build visibility.

6. Etsy

Etsy is the classic for creators: a place to share your physical and digital works of art. With everything from clothes to jewelry to gifts, it seems like a lot of what’s on Etsy is physical products. But you can also sell downloads and printables, which can be a great way for artists to share their art without having to worry about shipping costs!

Etsy- Capture

Etsy does take a transaction fee of 6.5% which can add up, so you’ve got to take this into consideration. But as a marketplace with millions of buyers looking for neat, unique products, it’s a good place to sell your creations and an awesome alternative to Gumroad.

7. Amazon

It’s a well-known giant, but Amazon is also a real alternative to Gumroad on a few different levels. First, for people creating e-Books of any kind, Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) makes self-publishing easy and accessible. Whether you’re a fiction writer or you create graphic novels, Amazon has a lot of readers looking for your work, and independent authors are building big businesses on it.

Amazon is also a place to sell physical products. With the ability to build your own Amazon storefront and add your branding to it, Amazon’s taken a big step in helping smaller businesses get a piece of their giant action.

Amazon Page Builder

With your own page builder, customization features, and even brand protection to make sure nobody steals your brand or products, Amazon storefronts are a real Gumroad alternative for people looking to build a thriving e-Commerce business. While it’s not strictly “yours” – you’re still on Amazon’s platforms and playing by their rules – the kajillions of potential customers Amazon has might make up for it.

8. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is better known as a marketing tool, but it literally has everything you could need to build an online business. That makes it a great alternative to Gumroad. While a traditional website is static, and you have to hope your users land in the right place, ClickFunnels is designed to bring your customers through a dedicated sales process – a “funnel.”

Clickfunnels - Home

You can build all the pages you need for your business, choose from pre-made funnels as templates, and add things like upsells and downsells to make it more likely that you’ll make a sale.

9. Sellfy

Last but not least, Sellfy is an alternative to Gumroad that’s probably the most like it. Where the platforms above specialize in different markets and types of goods, Sellfy promises to do it all. From digital products to physical products to print-on-demand to video streaming, it’s a place to sell almost anything you create.


Sellfy lets you create a storefront easily with a drag-and-drop editor and customize it to fit your brand. It also lets you add marketing features to sell your creations, with things like discount codes, tracking pixels, and built-in email marketing. One final neat feature is that Sellfy lets you embed pieces of your store in an existing blog, website, or social post.

Sellfy Pricing

One fact you should know about Sellfy as a Gumroad alternative is that it’s an undeniably better price. You can start selling from $0/month without transaction fees. Although it’s a limited plan, it lets you get started and pay monthly as your store grows or you want more features. And, as we explained above, by paying a flat rate instead of a percentage fee, more money goes back into your pocket.


Mighty Networks - Graphics - Discover

We hope these Gumroad alternatives have got you excited about selling your work online or monetizing your creative energy! And if you’re excited about building a membership community or selling courses or events, come try Mighty Networks! We’ve built a platform you’ll love, and it will give you everything you need to build a thriving business.

Don’t take our word for it. You can try it free for 14 days, without a credit card, to see what it’s like.

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